Today's Opinions

  • Local athletes fared well with college recruiters

     SHEPHERDSVILLE – Without a doubt, this past school year produced a record number of local athletes signing to play college sports starting in the fall.

         How do I know it is a record number? Because we’re almost to the middle of July and I am still running the stories here in The Pioneer News and have been pretty much for the past six weeks or since the end of the baseball and softball season. At one point in early June, I had a list of 15 signing stories that had been collected and not yet put in the paper.

  • Support sheriff's efforts

     What Sheriff Dave Greenwell did in supporting a Merit System is a sure re-election back into the office that he holds and it should be.

    17 years ago, I worked as a Deputy Sheriff in Jefferson County, KY and I remember when James Vaughn became Sheriff and I saw people who had 15-18 years in Law Enforcement, lose their jobs because they were not on the right side of the political fence.

  • Restitution can help make victim ‘whole’ again

     Restitution is the act of making a person “whole”. 

  • Fort Knox forgotten

     Our Federal Representatives are supposed to be aware of issues in our communities and advocate for us in Washington.

  • BBB offers giving tips after loss of Arizona firefighters

     Better Business Bureau (BBB) joins the nation in mourning the loss of the Arizona Firefighters in the Yarnell Hill Fire. To ensure donations get into the right hands, BBB offers advice on charitable giving in the wake of this tragedy.

    “Tragedies like this one, the Newtown School shooting, and Boston Marathon bombings bring out scam artists,” says BBB President/CEO Charlie Mattingly. “Americans want to help the victims’ families and community through donations.”

  • Rubber stamp isn’t always how the process works

     Beth Vachon is a highly-respected veteran educator in Bullitt County.

  • Best of Coyle: 07/03/13

     This week Paul Coyle wishes the United States of America well on the 237th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence.

  • BBB Warns Consumers of 4th of July Scams

     With the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s that time of year to celebrate the Red, White, and Blue with backyard barbeques, fireworks, and tons of patriotism. However, with any holiday come scam artists who will try to take advantage of you and ruin your holiday plans.

    BBB tells you about the most common 4th of July scams and offers tips on how to protect yourself.