Col. Gill and Lennie
Interim is still busy time

 During the interim our committees continue to meet on a monthly basis usually in Frankfort. I am a member of the following committees: Appropriations and Resources, Education, Veterans affairs and Public Protection, County Government, Labor Industry, Administration Regulations, Education Assessment, budget subcommittee on Secondary Education an Women Veterans issues. We are also given two days a month to use for individual meetings and paperwork so I am in Frankfort frequently. 


What is the most congested road in Bullitt County?

Should Shepherdsville city officials be able to select the next mayor?

What is the most memorable moment of your lifetime?

What Quality of Life issue needs to be addressed most urgently in Bullitt County?

How would you rate your job satisfaction in your current position?

If the Nov. 8 election would be held next week, would you go to the polls to vote?