Better be quick to predict next move

 Bullitt County could be facing more than six weeks of litigation following a course of events casting a shadow on a local board of trustees.

The Society of the Eluding Backwoods (SEB) Groundhog board was deep in a hole after the rescinding of a resignation by its local chief groundhog, Clermont Caesar.

While Punxsutawney Phil, seer or seers, prognosticator or prognosticators, offers up and official Groundhog Day forecasts for the country, areas are allowed to use localized groundhogs for more specific forecasts.


Do you believe that Stanley Dishon is the person responsible for the death of Jessica Dishon?

What is your prediction for the rest of the winter?

How should Bullitt County Public Schools alter the opening times in the future?

What should happen with the Southeast Bullitt Fire situation?

What is your prediction for the coming year?

How would you compare Christmas of today to years ago?

How long do you expect gas prices to decrease?