Tax decision pretty typical of plight in today’s world

 If you ever wanted to be an elected official, put yourself in the place of members of the Bullitt County Public School Board.

Personally, it was a simple decision. But I am biased.

As board members listened and considered a tax increase that would have meant $24 a year on a $100,000 home, I listened to a voice.

“Am I not worth 46 cents per week?”

That came from a young lady who I am pretty fond of. It is my daughter.


Do you plan to vote on Nov. 4?

What is your favorite season of the year?

What is your opinion on the possible school tax increase?

What fall activity are you most looking forward to now that summer's over?

How much commitment should there be financially by the Bullitt County Public School System for its athletic programs?

How would you rate the job market today?

How seriously did you take The Purge

Why do you feel there is a problem in hiring and retaining school bus drivers in Bullitt County?

Should those running for public office agree to a debate or public forum?

Wednesday, Aug. 6, is the first day for Bullitt County Public School students. Is that: