Santa Barr brings a few gifts for local officials

 Like so many things that come just once a year, it is time for ole’ Santa Barr to take over this space.

Leaving the lyrics and humor to staff writer Stephen Thomas, this year Santa Barr will try to present a few gifts to local officials and leaders. All will be genuine; some will be spiced with a bit of bite.

To all the newly-elected public officials - an olive branch, a little time reading through the pages of The Pioneer News and a peck of patience.


How would you compare Christmas of today to years ago?

How long do you expect gas prices to decrease?

How should the controversy involving the Southeast Bullitt Fire District be resolved?

What Christmas activity are you most looking forward to?

Are demonstrations over court decision, such as those in Ferguson, justified?

Do you plan on shopping this Thanksgiving Day?

How much holiday shopping have you completed?

How quickly do you expect the election signs to disappear?

Will you check your batteries in your smoke detectors this Saturday night when the time FALLS back an hour?