Southern loop may be dream really worth dreaming about

 Many years ago, officials in nearby Jefferson County thought they needed a loop around the southern portion of its community.

At the time, there wasn’t a lot of growth. The area wasn’t particularly full of lavish, expensive subdivisions.

And there probably weren’t a lot of votes to be had by aspiring politicians.

Instead, the Gene Snyder Freeway was a dream. It is was completed a small piece a little at a time.

And, who would have thought the two bridges over the Ohio River would be built?


How much do you pay attention to the governmental happenings at the state and national levels?

How are you enjoying the winter weather so far?

Do you personally expect to benefit from the new tax reform package passed by Congress?

What is your view for 2018?

Should the school system deal with overcrowding with more construction or by redistricting?