Marshall Ramsey
Newspapers are still important if you want to be informed person

 One might believe that as we observe National Newspaper Week, there might be a bit of despair.

Yes, the newspaper business has changed. But our need to know might be greater than ever.

In this crazy, hectic world, there is more happening than ever.

There's more internal disagreements. There's more frustration with our governmental agencies.

There is never a shortage of news. And that’s just the stuff you might see on the nightly news.

Bullitt County has so much more going on and all of it is not bad.


What are your feelings about the latest accountability scores for the school system?

Should Bullitt County government increase its funding to the sheriffs department?

Should the county pursue a rebirth of the sports complex behind Roby Elementary?

Do you plan to watch any of the upcoming presidential political debates

How do you feel the situation with the Rowan County clerk has been handled?

Would you favor a unified form of government in Bullitt County?