YOUR suggestion box is now open

 Here’s a new edition that will run occasionally in The Pioneer News.

The Suggestion Box will be open to the public to give ideas. But we don’t want suggestions that my neighbor has a junk car next door. The suggestions are to be what are some ideas to help the entire community.

We will pass those suggestions on to the proper agencies and try to do a little tracking on whether anything is done. Once again, these are to help benefit the community, in general.

Send your suggestions to: editor@pioneernews.net


How was Valentine’s Day 2017 celebrated?

Should Shepherdsville keeps its ban on smoking inside vehicles where youngsters 18 and under are present?

What did you think of President Trump’s first few days in office?

How often do you contact an elected officials about a problem, concern or suggestion?

Should county officials place more resources into the operation of the animal shelter?