Congratulations to our seniors, best wishes for a bright future

Dear BCPS Seniors,

It is now a very short time until graduation day on June 4, and I want to use this space to write to you a little advice. 

I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot of it lately and I guarantee you will be hearing a lot more.

When I spoke to you all during the spring of your 8th grade year, I talked about personal responsibility, making your own choices, about how your family history or financial circumstances need not determine your success. 


What should the Bullitt County Public School system do about overcrowding in certain schools?

What is your opinion over that bathroom situation?

If the presidential election were today, who would you vote for?

Should government regulate smoking within automobiles?

How much exercise do you do in a week?

What should Bullitt County do in terms of its public pools?