Kashi deserves some credit!


Lovable mutt; part Beagle
Peaceful Valley
Owner adopted Kashi from an animal shelter a few years ago.
Two: Fetching ball and crawdad hunting (to the best of my knowledge he has never actually caught a crawdad.) Maybe a third "trick" that is my favorite: He almost never barks.
Fetching ball and playing with humans. He sits constantly with his ball close by in case someone will play with him. Truly a lovable dog.
Bullitt County Animal Shelter
We like Ike!

 Ike is a five-year-old large adult male Boxer with yellow hair and a big white blaze down the front.

He is an owner turn-in who is already both house- and leash-trained and very well-mannered.

Ike gets along with everyone and everything, plus he is fixed and updated on his vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting Ike or another animal call the Bullitt County Animal Shelter, 543-8686, or email bcanimalshelter@yahoo.com.