Katherine Ketchem


Golden Irish
My cousin purchased a puppy from a friend of hers a week before Christmas and on Christmas day she told me that the breeder had 1 female puppy left and that she was lonely. I contacted the breeder on Facebook to let her know that I was interested in the puppy and the following day on 12/26/13 I took this beautiful puppy home with me and we've been inseperable ever since.
She does several tricks. She's a very smart dog. However, she knows how to drop an object when I tell her to and to leave it. She also knows the basics like sit, stay, come and shake (which is her placing her paw in my hand).
She loves to play ball!! That's her favorite. She also has a male cat friend named, Rox, that she loves to play with on a daily basis.
Bullitt County Animal Shelter
Gretchen and her buddy, Jasper, are eager to go to their forever home

  Gretchen is a young, female, medium-sized Labrador Retriever mix with a light color.

She was picked up as a stray along with her buddy, Jasper, and brought to the Bullitt County shelter.

Gretchen is a very well-mannered dog who gets along well with other animals.

If you are interested in adopting Gretchen or another animal call the Bullitt County Animal Shelter, 543-8686, or email bcanimalshelter@yahoo.com.