•   Jury duty is perhaps one of the areas that creates the most questions for our office. 

    The first question is usually, “why me?”  Jurors are selected for service by the The Kentucky Court of Justice Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

    The Kentucky Court of Justice strives to ensure that jury pools are a true representation of Kentucky’s population. The AOC compiles a master list of prospective jurors for the entire state on a per county basis.

  •  It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This year’s theme for NCSAM is “Our Shared Responsibility,” which puts emphasis on the role everyone has to play in making the Internet a safer place to work and play.

  •  October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many Americans embrace this cause by purchasing pink-ribbon products and services to support a cure for breast cancer. Your Better Business Bureau offers tips to avoid being scammed.


    Looking to buy or rent a costume for Halloween? You are not alone! According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending is expected to reach $6.9 billion this year.

  •  The plan is working.

    While we have always opined that there is much more to educating our youngsters than simply looking at the test scores...

    And while we have religiously fallen into the trap of trying to compare schools and districts to one another based on those scores...

    It seems only right that when the Bullitt County Public School District knocks the lights out of a testing cycle that we allow them to crow a little.

  •   Check out the latest scams and bad business in BBB’s October 2013 Hot Topics!

    1.    Beware of Rental Scams. Renters who are looking for a house to lease are getting scammed by someone who poses as an “owner.” The place is in a great place, for a great price. The ad looks legitimate and is often copied from a real ad. The “owner” is out of town and wants a security deposit, wired. The renter is out the money, and has no place to live.

  •  Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about an increase in fraudulent activity related to the launch of the Affordable Care Act.  The open enrollment period begins today, October 1, and scammers understand that many Americans are confused about their rights and responsibilities with the new program.

    BBB warns, beware of fake websites, fancy mailers, robo-calls, and scam artists calling you, asking for personal information.

    BBB serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky prescribes the following:

  •  Charter schools are schools established by private groups using tax money.

    The purpose is to allow flexibility and freedom from some of the regulation that stifles creativity in the public school and leads to greater achievement.

    I will say up front that if there is ever clear evidence that charter schools (or any other method) can be more successful that our current system, I will be 100% in favor of it.

    There are success stories in the charter movement.

  •  It is hard to believe that it has been 12 years ago when terror rocked this nation.

    Like so many days in history, people remember what they were doing just before 9 a.m. when the pair of planes struck the World Trade Towers.

    The ensuing pictåures are burned into our minds. They are images that will never leave us.

    While time begins to fly by, we must still remember what happened on that day.

    Our level of patriotism blossomed in early September. We cannot let those patriotic thoughts vanish.

  •  As we celebrate grandparents this Sunday for Grandparents Day, Better Business Bureau is warning seniors to be on the lookout for a scheme commonly referred to as the “grandparent scam.”

  •  FRANKFORT – Every year since the late 1980s, the Kentucky State Police has published a highly detailed break-down of the previous year’s crimes, giving us a much closer look at – and appreciation of – the work done every day by our law enforcement officers.  

  •  The Bullitt County Public School Board took the proper route recently when it approved a 4 percent tax hike by a 3-2 margin.

  •   There is probably no time that politics are not part of the governmental scene.

  •  By the time you read this, school will have been back in session for several days.

  •  Short of finding a 10,000-person mistake in the 2010 Census within the next 72 hours, it appears that Bullitt County will be split up once again when legislative redistricting takes place.

  •  For years, the city of Shepherdsville had a festival to culminate the summer.

  •   Everyone enjoys a nice pie of pie.

  •  Restitution is the act of making a person “whole”. 

  •  Better Business Bureau (BBB) joins the nation in mourning the loss of the Arizona Firefighters in the Yarnell Hill Fire. To ensure donations get into the right hands, BBB offers advice on charitable giving in the wake of this tragedy.

    “Tragedies like this one, the Newtown School shooting, and Boston Marathon bombings bring out scam artists,” says BBB President/CEO Charlie Mattingly. “Americans want to help the victims’ families and community through donations.”

  •  Beth Vachon is a highly-respected veteran educator in Bullitt County.