•   Recently my husband was speaking with another parent with kids older than ours.  Eventually, they got around to discussing parenting. Not a controversial subject - at least that’s what my husband thought.  

  •  FRANKFORT – In each legislative session, the Kentucky House of Representatives spends a considerable amount of time on those who comprise our youngest generation, looking for ways to help them at home and in the classroom.

  • FRANKFORT – While we passed several important bills this week, my efforts were centered on reviewing the House’s proposal, House Bill 265, for the state’s two-year budget.

    Each year, spending will be roughly $9 billion or $18 billion total over the two-year budget cycle. The Senate proposal carries about 6.58% authorized debt which is lower than the House’s proposal of 6.8% and even lower than the Governor’s proposal of 7.1%. 

  •  The pace of the General Assembly picked up considerably this week as legislators considered a flurry of legislation.

  •  Shepherdsville officials made the morally correct decision recently to make sure stolen storm sewer grates were replaced.

  •  If you receive a text message saying you “have been randomly selected for a $1000 Best Buy Card” or another text offering you a free Walmart gift card, delete the message! This is a smishing scam! Both text messages ask you to click on a link to claim your “prize.”

    Some BBB employees received the Best Buy text message last night.

  •  A bridge over the Salt River may come long before the widening of Highway 44.

  • FRANKFORT Most legislation that the General Assembly passes each year falls in one of two categories: It either protects, or it promotes.

    That was especially evident this past week in the Kentucky House of Representatives, which voted for bills that range from further limiting abuse of our youngest and oldest citizens to helping more students in the coalfields of Eastern Kentucky get their four-year college degree.

  • FRANKFORT – The Senate had a full week of legislation and committee meetings, in addition to logging in long hours working on the state’s biannual budget. With 10 days remaining, you will see a flurry of bills voted through the chambers and updates on the budget and state’s road plan these last few working days.

    This week, the Senate considered and approved many important measures. Two in particular propose constitutional amendments.

  •  The Capitol becomes a gathering place each day for thousands of Kentuckians who want to be heard. Teachers, veterans, farmers and students alike all come to share their hopes and dreams for a better Kentucky.

    For Kentuckians the problems are many, the solutions complicated and the financial resources scarce. Like you, I understand that government can’t solve every problem but we can and must do certain things.

  •  With area basketball teams making it to the NCAA Tournament, basketball fever is pushing up ticket prices in the secondary market. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns that publicity about the games is likely to breed scams as well.

    Major sporting events like the NCAA tournament almost always inspire scammers to capitalize on the scarcity of tickets and fans’ desire to snap up souvenirs or team jerseys.

  •  FRANKFORT – Last week, we returned to Frankfort with heavy hearts for the thousands of our fellow Kentuckians coping with the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes from March 2.

  •  After weeks of analysis and discussion the House voted to approve House Bill 265 which provides for a two year state budget. The measure adopts the governor’s budget proposal but with slight changes.

  •  Now that the regular season is over, it’s time to pull together and root for the county’s representative in the PNC/KHSAA Sweet Sixteen.

  •  The downturn in the economy appears that it will claim another victim.

  •  A list of hot topics presented by the Better Business Bureau for the month of March 2012. For more information visit www.bbb.org.

    1. Hiring a Contractor - Whether you have damage after severe storms, or you are trying to spruce up your home, hire a contractor you can trust. Get at least three bids, get everything in writing, and beware of those who knock on your door offering “too good to be true prices” and asking for money up-front.

  •  FRANKFORT – In each legislative session, the Kentucky House of Representatives spends a considerable amount of time on those who comprise our youngest generation, looking for ways to help them at home and in the classroom.

  •  If you are on the hunt for a reputable contractor after severe weather rolled through the area yesterday, be aware of those who may try to take advantage of your situation: The home repair rip-off artist who may overcharge, perform shoddy work, or skip town without finishing your job.

  •  Things are rosy today but will there be thorns exposed when the budget process begins in Bullitt County?

  •  FRANKFORT - We’ve long said our first priority in policymaking is to ensure the welfare of our “most vulnerable” - our children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities, specifically. This week, we moved forward in adding Kentucky’s increasing number of human-trafficking victims to that priority list.