•   What a great sight to see a room full of residents at the recent meeting of the Fox Chase City Council.

  •  One in four adults engage in little or no regular physical activity according to an Office of Health & Human Services report in 2003. This fact is still a high concern today. 2S-Second Sunday can change that!

  •  No one wants higher taxes.

  •  While he’s not all the way back, Jeff Carver - the Voice of the Bullitt East Chargers - was back at the football game on Friday night to flip the coin.

    Carver suffered serious injuries in an auto accident earlier this year.

    He is still in rehab and hopes to return to the booth soon.

    Tim Gonterman has been helping George Russell on the football games this year.

  •  Most people old enough to remember the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, will vividly recall what they were doing that morning.

  •  One might think that the age of adulthood in this country has risen from 18 to a much higher number. 

  •  A list of jot topics presented by the Better Business Bureau during the month of September 2011. For more information visit www.bbb.org.


  •  The Better Business Bureau serving Louisville, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky has joined ten other Better Business Bureaus in a test that allows consumers to post customer reviews of businesses. 

    In addition, the BBB will now publish the actual text of customer complaints and business responses as part of each business's BBB Business Review.  

  •  City of Shepherdsville officials made a rational move Thursday evening to table any decision on an annexation request for over 180 acres off Preston Highway at Highway 245.

  •  FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 2, 2011) - Picnics and large family get-togethers are a favorite means of celebration during Labor Day weekend and the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) wants all Kentuckians to practice safe food handling techniques as they close out the summer.

  •  The national leaders will soon return to work, which is something millions of Americans can’t do.

  •  In each community in Kentucky there is a division of labor in the institutions we, as residents, rely upon.

  •  While our congressional leaders and our President get a few weeks off to recharge their batteries, we expect they are hearing a few choice words from their constituents.

  •  Officials with the Bullitt County Public School System got a little good news last week.

  •  FRANKFORT – It has been a little more than a decade ago since the General Assembly revamped the state’s adult education programs, a high point in the legislature’s ongoing efforts to improve the classroom from preschool to the workplace.

    While a lot of work remains, the past decade has been exactly what we had hoped. In fact, from 2005 to 2009, adult education enrollment grew by 30 percent – faster than any other state over the same period. There are now about 40,000 citizens who are helped academically each year.

  •  While it seems like just a few days ago when classes dismissed for the year, today is indeed the first day of classes for the Bullitt County Public School System.

  •   FRANKFORT - For some 23 million students nationwide, the school day begins and ends with a trip on a school bus. Unfortunately, each year many children are injured and even killed in school bus related crashes.

    Last year, Kentucky had 985 school bus related crashes resulting in 278 injuries and four deaths. With school starting in many communities, KSP Spokesman Lt. David Jude is urging motorists to be alert for loading and unloading school buses.

  •  Summer is winding down, and soon local students will be headed back to school! Chances are, you still have some major “back-to-school” shopping to get done. Whether your child is headed to grade school, high school or college, the Better Business Bureau has some Back-to-School basics.


    When shopping for anything from new attire to electronic items, BBB has these tips to help you be a savvy back-to-school shopper:


  •  A potential of 1,000 jobs or a group of upset church members...what weights the most?

  •  In recent years, reusable water bottles have taken on stylish new looks, but making a fashion statement pales in comparison to the value of the life-saving role fluids play in reducing risks from too much summertime heat and humidity.