•  A list of hot topics presented by the Better Business Bureau for the month of May.

    BBB Hot Topics - May 2011


  •  When a flood is over, victims must start the task of cleaning up their homes.

  •  It’s been called the greatest two minutes in sports, but look into the heart of any true Kentuckian and you’ll find the Kentucky Derby is so much more. 

  •  The community lost an important person in the world of communications this past week.

  •  The dam at Taylorsville Lake is about to break.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Local governmental actions could lead to the future end of the Easter holiday celebration as we know it in Bullitt County.

  •  We have to admit, we were very concerned with the 2009-10 fiscal audit for county government.

  •  A list of hot topics presented by the Better Business Bureau during the month of April:

    1.    Beware of phishing scams related to the Epsilon Breach. Phishing involves unsolicited emails, pop-up messages, text messages, or phone calls that appear to come from reputable companies to fraudulently obtain personal information. BBB recommends: Never reply to unsolicited emails and do not give personal or financial information to anyone you do not know who contacts you via email or phone.

  •  BBB is warning consumers to watch out for phishing scams related to the recent Epsilon data breach. Phishing involves unsolicited emails, pop-up messages, text messages or phone calls that appear to come from reputable to fraudulently obtain personal information such as logins, passwords, a Social Security number, and bank or credit card numbers. 

  •  While we disagree with the decision to abolishment maybe the best things that’s happened to Bullitt County in years, we understand.

  •   The results from next Tuesday’s election in Mount Washington won’t mean that the city council will follow the outcome.

  •  Gerrymandering is the slicing and dicing of terroritories in the political system and the end result is that groups of people are often left without too much power in the decision-making process.

  •  Scam artists are using the Better Business Bureau’s good name in a Mystery Shopping Scam.

    BBB Evaluation Inc promises to pay $50 to $100 an hour. The email states “your urgent response needed ASAP.” An excerpt from the email, which has several grammatical and spelling mistakes, is below:


    From: BBB Evaluation Inc. <jobs@nankankaki.co.jp>
    Subject: Re: Your Urgent Response Needed ASAP®

  •  It makes for great reading and even better video. But the Monday night encounter at the Shepherdsville City Government Center was not something to be proud of by anyone involved.

  •   FRANKFORT – During the legislative session that ended earlier this month, Kentuckians saw a textbook example of what positive things can happen when both parties in the General Assembly come together and work toward the Commonwealth’s greater good.

  •  In most communities, there is seldom any single thing that draws people together more than a sports program.

  •  A major shake-up appears to be in the making for the Bullitt County Drug Task Force.

  •  As a local reporter focusing almost exclusively on local events, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with national news. 

  •  FRANKFORT – As Kentuckians open their hearts and pocketbooks to support disaster relief efforts in Japan, Attorney General Conway cautions consumers that scammers may try to prey on their generosity.

    Fraudulent charitable solicitations can come through emails, social networking sites or even direct calls. General Conway asks that consumers choose carefully when considering urgent appeals for aid.

  •  By this time next week, we might know whether the Bullitt County Public Health Board moved forward with its proposal to impose a smoking ban in public places.