en Mom, pop ready to retire at Country Cabin <img src="" alt="Country Cabin Treasures Owner Joann Doyle reflects on 14 years of ownership" title="Country Cabin Treasures Owner Joann Doyle reflects on 14 years of ownership" align="left" hspace="6" width="128" height="85" /><p> HEBRON ESTATES-- For 14 years, a local shop has brought country charm to the edge of northern Bullitt County.</p> <p> Located in the Hebron Building on West Hebron Lane, Country Cabin Treasures began as a small space for Joann and Bill Doyle to sell country-themed items.</p> <p> Three years prior to opening, Joann ran a similar shop with her niece in Lincoln County. Once the hour and a half drive started to wear on her, the couple looked into a spot closer to home.</p> Pet Lovers Thankful for New Ownership <img src="" alt="Volunteers helped to clear off headstones during the cleanup of Pet Haven Cemetery 40165" title="Volunteers helped to clear off headstones during the cleanup of Pet Haven Cemetery 40165" align="left" hspace="6" width="135" height="85" /><p> &nbsp;SHEPHERDSVILLE&mdash;Joni Blake&rsquo;s friends thought she was pulling some elaborate April Fools Day joke when she told them she&rsquo;d purchased a pet cemetery.</p> <p> Six months later, Blake is continuing to prove the purchase wasn&rsquo;t a joke.</p> <p> &ldquo;My whole thing was it as broken and I knew I had the ability to fix it and so I took the opportunity,&rdquo; she said.</p> Bogard traffic light fight to begin <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="76" height="85" /><p> &nbsp;MOUNT WASHINGTON&nbsp; -- Jessica Phelps has battled the anxiety of trying to make a left-hand turn off Bogard Lane onto Highway 44 for the past 24 years.</p> <p> And, she can&rsquo;t take it any more.</p> <p> Phelps could not believe when she learned that the state Department of Transportation was planning to add a turn lane at the intersection of Bogard Lane/Lloyd Lane and Highway 44 but not include a traffic control device.</p> <p> &ldquo;This is an extremely dangerous intersection,&rdquo; Phelps told members of Bullitt Fiscal Court.</p> Zaxby’s latest restaurant to announce plans to open Shepherdsville eatery <p> &nbsp;SHEPHERDSVILLE - Plans are now underway to add another restaurant chain location in the city of Shepherdsville.</p> <p> The Bullitt County Board of Adjustment approved three requests by property owners Benjamin and Jessica Robards to prepare a property for a new Zaxby&rsquo;s Restaurant.</p> <p> The property is located along Conestoga Parkway, in front of the Shepherdsville Wal-Mart. Attorney Eric Farris said the property was across the Wal-Mart entrance from the gas pumps.</p> Mayor has to break tie on budget changes <p> &nbsp;SHEPHERDSVILLE -- It took a vote by the mayor to approve the amended general fund budget for the city of Shepherdsville.</p> <p> Amending the budget just five months after the original financial plan for the 2017-18 fiscal year was approved, Shepherdsville officials have spent the past several meetings talking about changes.</p> <p> But, even after a special meeting was held, half of the council was in support of the proposed budget and the other half was opposed.</p> <p> Mayor Curtis Hockenbury broke the tie in favor of the amended budget.</p> Urgent care facility earns approval to open center in Mt. Washington <p> MOUNT WASHINGTON -- The opening of an urgent care medical facility in Mount Washington got the needed approvals from a pair of Bullitt County planning boards.</p> <p> Palm Development received a pair of variances and a site plan approval for a&nbsp; medical facility on Highway 44 East.</p> <p> According to a representative of the development company, a 3,600 square foot building is planned on Highway 44 East, across from Hometown Pizza.</p> <p> The urgent care facility will be open seven days a week.</p> Hillview settles old lawsuit on weapons ordinance <p> &nbsp;HILLVIEW &mdash; A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit dating back to 2013 over a concealed carry ordinance adopted over 20 years ago in the city of Hillview.</p> <p> The Hillview City Council recently approved a settlement of $9,250 for attorney fees for the Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition.</p> <p> In the 2013 lawsuit, the city was alleged to not take proper actions to repeal its 1996 ordinance preventing people from carrying a concealed firearm or other deadly weapon on any building or portion of a building owned, leased or controlled by the city.</p> Shepherdsville police to leave notices of visits <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="34" height="85" /><p> &nbsp;The Shepherdsville Police are leaving door hangers at locations they check during their patrols. This is similar to a program Hillview police has been using.</p> <p> The door hangers will have a place where officers can document the date, time, address, whether or not the location was secure and any notes they believe would be helpful to the property owner.</p> <p> The program has been in place for the past couple of weeks. If any property owner has a question, they can call 921-1000.</p> <p> ***</p>