en RELAY for LIFE 2016 <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="104" height="85" /><p> &nbsp;<span style="line-height: 20.4px;">Mother Nature gave participants in the 2016 American Cancer Society Relay for Life a perfect night.</span></p> <p> After last year&rsquo;s weather forced the major fund-raiser indoors, Saturday was perfect for the event, which was held at North Bullitt High.</p> <p> A good crowd turned out to honor the survivors, the caregivers and those who passed away.</p> Treadway selected Freedom principal <img src="" alt="Matt Treadway is moving from assistant principal at Pleasant Grove Elementary to principal of Freedom Elementary next year." title="Matt Treadway is moving from assistant principal at Pleasant Grove Elementary to principal of Freedom Elementary next year." align="left" hspace="6" width="76" height="85" /><p> &nbsp;HEBRON ESTATES - One of Bullitt County&rsquo;s youngest elementary schools will be led next semester by Bullitt County&rsquo;s youngest principal.</p> <p> Matt Treadway was named Freedom Elementary&rsquo;s newest leader, with the official move taking place after the current school year is completed.</p> <p> Treadway comes from Pleasant Grove Elementary, where he served the past year as assistant principal. He is a Hardin County resident and John Hardin High School graduate.</p> Bullitt East students earn championship in marketing <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="151" height="85" /><p> &nbsp;Bullitt East High School students Jacob Birge, Kitty Harris, Elisabeth Halbauer, Jeremiah Johnson and Jasmine Meeks participated in the Global MarketPlace Challenge and were named Champions.</p> <p> The youth competed against 10 other high schools from Jefferson County and Indiana districts. By placing first, they toured the Papa John&rsquo;s corporate headquarters May 16<sup>th</sup>.</p> <p> In addition, Jasmine was the first recipient of the Grindmaster-Cecilware Business leadership scholarship for $500.</p> Brooks honors Marvin Stewart for his commitment, service to school <img src="" alt="Jan Stewart and her family in front of the portrait of Marvin Stewart during the library dedication in his honor" title="Jan Stewart and her family in front of the portrait of Marvin Stewart during the library dedication in his honor" align="left" hspace="6" width="105" height="85" /><p> BROOKS - Marvin Stewart was a well-respected leader at Brooks Elementary and within the surrounding community.</p> <p> Stewart served 12 years as Brooks principal during his long tenure within the Bullitt County Public Schools system.</p> <p> His commitment to educational excellence will continue at the new Brooks Elementary location, with the school library officially dedicated in his honor.</p> <p> Former and current Brooks staff members, administrators, and friends of the Stewart Family gathered for a special dedication ceremony at the library to commemorate the event.</p> No big surprises in primary election <p> &nbsp;SHEPHERDSVILLE -- The primary elections are over with little fanfare.</p> <p> Voters only had a few local races to pencil in their responses.</p> <p> In the 49th District race for state House of Representatives, incumbent Linda Belcher easily defeated challenger Jonathan Cacciatore for a second straight election.</p> <p> This time, Belcher collected 2,873 votes, compared to 558 for Cacciatore.</p> <p> The 3,431 votes were nearly 2.5 times as many that were cast in the Republican primary.</p> Community voices views on problems with heroin, other drugs <img src="" alt="Janet Jones leads a discussion at the training" title="Janet Jones leads a discussion at the training" align="left" hspace="6" width="94" height="85" /><p> &nbsp;PIONEER VILLAGE - Experts were training experts as part of the ongoing battle against heroin in the comment.</p> <p> Seven Counties Services, Inc., joined forces with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, adopting a strategical five-point plan to address and prevent issues regarding the region&rsquo;s opioid epidemic.</p> <p> Seven Counties began an extensive 12-step program to assist local residents in overcoming opioid addiction, hosting community events to promote the program and address ongoing issues within society.</p> Mount Washington to help preserve Lloyd House <p> &nbsp;MOUNT WASHINGTON -- With all the focus on future development of the city, the Mount Washington city council is doing their part to preserve the past, too.</p> <p> The James M. Lloyd House was donated to the Mount Washington Historical Society in 1989 by Kenneth R. Lutes in memory of his with, Anita Ann Dooley Lutes, the great-granddaughter of James M. Lloyd.</p> <p> Since the donation, the historical society has used the house as a meeting place, a research center and a museum dedicated to preserving and educating others on the history of Mount Washington.</p> Bullitt Arts Council names winners in writing competition; Sherrard wins high school title <img src="" alt="Casey Sherrard and Timothy Feuquay" title="Casey Sherrard and Timothy Feuquay" align="left" hspace="6" width="80" height="85" /><p> &nbsp;Casey Sherrard&rsquo;s literary piece <em>Through the Window</em> was awarded First Place in the NightWriter&rsquo;s Writing Contest sponsored by the Bullitt County Arts Council.</p> <p> By winning the high school bracket as well as the overall bracket, she received a Certificate of Recognition, a cash award and her work will be published in the council&rsquo;s compendium of winners.</p> <p> Casey has been invited to a book-signing banquet where she will read her piece to the audience and sign the first editions.&nbsp;</p>