en Public can give input on library system <p> &nbsp;Bullitt County Public Library is working to develop a three-year Strategic Plan and would greatly appreciate your input. To that end, the Library has created a community survey aimed at learning more about individual community members and how the Library&rsquo;s services and programs can be expanded and improved to better meet their needs.</p> Work continues on budget, pension reform <p> &nbsp; In Frankfort, diligent work continues on a pension reform proposal and a responsible budget. As those two issues consume much time and effort, there are also several other critical bills moving through the House.</p> BBB: Online romance scams coaxing millions out of unsuspecting victims <p> &nbsp;A&nbsp;<a href="" id="yiv2765073511yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1518559485210_2740" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><span id="yiv2765073511yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1518559485210_2741">study</span></a>&nbsp;released by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reveals an estimated 1 million Americans have been victimized in romance fraud scams with losses nearing $1 billion over the last three years. BBB warns those who use dating websites to be wary of scammers who prey on unsuspecting victims.</p> Center already turning things around <p> &nbsp;Every city has its stereotypes. As a native Bullitt Countian, I&rsquo;ve seen first hand how most of the cities have earned their reputation. However, Lebanon Junction continues to impress me.</p> <p> Set on changing the negative talk that surrounds the town, there is a group who won&rsquo;t accept the bad and is determined to bring the city back to the glory it once held.</p> Saying Goodbye <p> &nbsp;Over the past couple of weeks Bullitt County has lost a pair of outspoken individuals.</p> <p> During their prime, Charlie Long and Phyllis Wehrenberg were part of the fabric which made up Bullitt County.</p> <p> And neither happened to be afraid to speak their peace.</p> <p> Charlie covered the gamut of work in Bullitt County.</p> <p> When I came onto the scene, Charlie was a detective with the Commonwealth Attorney&rsquo;s office. At the time, Tom Waller was prosecuting some pretty bad sex abuse cases.</p> Degree of cuts still undecided as budget not yet finalized <p> &nbsp;At first glance, it looks like Gov. Matt Bevin is serious about funding the stressed pension accounts -- at all cost.</p> <p> Seventy programs are slated to get the ax and most agencies will receive a reduction in funding.</p> <p> Of course, it is still January and the real budget decisions are still weeks away.</p> <p> But from the viewpoint miles and miles away from Frankfort, the commonwealth of Kentucky is short on &ldquo;wealth&rdquo; and full of needs.</p> <p> Now, we just need some &ldquo;common&rdquo; sense discussions among our lawmakers.</p> BBB Hot Topics: February 2018 <p> &nbsp;Take a look at BBB&rsquo;s hot topics for February 2018!</p> Nice situation to have Bullitt County members recognized <p> &nbsp;Will having Melanie Roberts serve as president of the Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association reap big benefits for Bullitt County?</p> <p> Probably not.</p> <p> Will having Troy Beam lead a tourist organization do anything to put more heads in beds at local hotels?</p> <p> Maybe not.</p> <p> But what it will do is provide the rest of Kentucky a different perspective of Bullitt County.</p> <p> If is nice to have good people leading statewide organizations. It presents a different image to others.</p>