en Those who serve deserve bit of praise as they depart offices <p> &nbsp;Every few years, there is a changing of the guard.</p> <p> With our political cycle, there will be those who step away voluntarily or have the voters decide that it is time for a change.</p> <p> We are approaching the end of the line in this particular political cycle for some of our elected officials.</p> <p> For all of the good and for all of the bad that happens in Bullitt County, those who decide to devote time to public service are doing it for the right reason.</p> Mount Washington has the right sign <p> &nbsp;What is one thing most politicians will talk about in their campaigns?</p> <p> Beautification.</p> <p> What is the one thing that most often gets ignored once that politician is elected to office?</p> <p> Beautification.</p> <p> While we are not sure all the language in the Mount Washington proposal to ramp up expectations for signage is good, we applaud the effort.</p> <p> Drive through the community. What do you see? A lot of junk.</p> <p> As a newspaper, it is difficult to champion the cause in limiting outdoor advertising. We get that.</p> BBB Tips on Charitable Giving During the Holidays <p> &nbsp;Many people support their favorite charities all year long, however, some wait until the holiday season to donate. BBB serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky offers some DOs and DON&rsquo;Ts that apply year-round when it comes to charitable giving.</p> Twas the Night Before Christmas <p> &nbsp;Twas the night before Christmas,</p> <p> He lived all alone,</p> <p> In a one bedroom house made of&nbsp;</p> <p> Plaster and stone.</p> <p> I had come down the chimney</p> <p> With presents to give,</p> <p> And to see just who</p> <p> In this home did live,</p> <p> I looked all about,&nbsp;</p> <p> A strange sight I did see,&nbsp;</p> <p> No tinsel, No presents,&nbsp;</p> <p> Not even a tree,</p> <p> No stocking by the mantle,</p> <p> Just boots filled with sand,</p> <p> On the wall hung pictures</p> <p> Off far distant lands.</p> Opinions must be heard if you don’t like request for surcharge <p> &nbsp;The 700-plus customers of the Hunters Hollow sewer treatment system in northern Bullitt County better have some pretty broad shoulders.</p> <p> Since late March, the treatment facility off East Blue Lick Road has been operational only due to the use of a temporary system.</p> <p> A major collapse of the system has caused for Bullitt Utilities to do some thinking about its future.</p> <p> Do you rebuild the existing plant?</p> <p> Do you try to contract with another entity to take over the crippled system?</p> <p> Do you just run away as quickly as you can?</p> Parking Lot Survival Guide: AAA Helps Motorists Stay Safe While Shopping <p> &nbsp;Mall traffic can be overwhelming for shoppers who are heading out for their last minute bargains. AAA recommends that drivers exhibit the holiday spirit by safely sharing the lot with pedestrians.</p> <p> Distracted driving could also result in additional holiday expenses. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found about 20 percent of all vehicle collisions happens in parking lots.</p> LIHEAP subsidy program to help low-income households in need of energy assistance <p> &nbsp;SHEPHERDSVILLE -&nbsp;Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency, Inc. began the &ldquo;Subsidy&rdquo; portion of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) that provides heating assistance to eligible households on November 3<sup>rd</sup>, 2014.</p> <p> The significant cost of energy to heat homes leaves many households unable to fully meet heating bills or purchase sufficient bulk fuel to keep their families safe and warm. Your local Community Action Partnership (CAP) stands ready to help!</p> Let’s remain focused on prize <p> &nbsp;As the hype surrounding the adventures of the Southeast Bullitt Fire District continues to swirl, do not let us lose focus of the prize.</p> <p> The real concern for years has been the spending of the funds. That spending could be legal. It might be illegal.</p> <p> The purchases may be ill-advised. But they might not be illegal.</p>