BBB Hot Topics: August 2018

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By Better Business Bureau

 Take a look at BBB’s hot topics for August 2018!

  1. Back to school season is here, and charities are asking for donations to help kids in need. Before you give, make sure to check out the charity first at give.org before donating to make sure you are giving to a reputable charity.
  2. You may have noticed anniversary coupons on Facebook, but don’t fall for this tempting scam. Names of popular restaurants and retail stores are used in this scheme. If you click on the link, you may be asked to provide personal information to claim your “coupon.”
  3. Watch out for offers from usarewardspot.com. A local consumer received an offer from this site which promises gift cards in exchange for taking a survey, providing personal information, as well as giving your credit card number. Don’t fall for it!
  4. Consumers nationwide are receiving threatening text messages. The sender claims they have blackmail on the recipient and demands payment in Bitcoin to not expose their “secrets” to family and friends.
  5. A fake email about PayPal is making the rounds. The email says your PayPal account has been compromised and provides a link for you to verify your account. This link sends you to a phishing site captures your login information.
  6. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with social security, hang up! These scammers are telling consumers there is an issue with their social security checks and ask for their social security number so they can fix the issue. This is a scam!
  7. A local consumer reported a robocall for a work at home job opportunity. The recording said they discovered the “secret to big money” by selling franchise business and would share this secret – for a fee.
  8. A Louisville consumer told BBB she received a postcard in the mail with an offer for thousands of dollars just for calling a phone number and answering a few questions. The scammer asked for her banking account information so they could deposit the money.
  9. Did you get a call offering you a free knee brace? Don’t fall for this crafty con. The scammers claim to be from Medicare and ask for your Medicare information in order to verify your eligibility for this “free” brace. Never give your information to someone you don’t know.
  10. Don’t fall victim to an email claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearinghouse. The email says you’ve won millions of dollars and asks for you to confirm your personal information. Publisher’s Clearinghouse does NOT send out emails to its winners.