BBB Hot Topics: February 2018

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By Better Business Bureau

 Take a look at BBB’s hot topics for February 2018!

  1. Beware of the latest Facebook Messenger scam. Your friend sends you a video link and asks, “is this you?” If you click the link, it will prompt you to login to Facebook again to view the video. This is a phishing site that is capturing your information.
  2. Does the number on your caller ID look familiar? It may be a case of neighbor spoofing. Scammers are spoofing numbers to reflect your area code and first three digits of your phone number in hopes you will pick up the phone. If you don’t recognize the number, it’s best to not answer.
  3. Love may be in the air for Valentine’s Day, but so are scammers, so beware of romance scams. Be cautious of a potential new love interest that postpones meeting you in person, asks you to send them money, or only wants to chat by email or text.
  4. If you lost money to a scam by wiring money with Western Union, you may be able to ask for your money back through the FTC’s settlement. The deadline to file is May 31, 2018. Consumers can visit ftc.gov/wu for more information.
  5. BBB is receiving a lot of reports about fake tech support calls. These scammers call and claim there’s an issue with your computer, then ask for remote access to fix the problem. Don’t do it! They may hold your computer for ransom or install malware or spyware on your PC.
  6. Did you receive a phone call from the social security administration? These calls claim your identity has been stolen and need you to verify your social security number to fix the problem.  Don’t fall for it!
  7. If you receive an email regarding an issue with your Netflix subscription, be careful! Scammers are sending emails saying there is a problem with your subscription and request money or personal information to fix it. If you suspect an issue, contact Netflix directly.
  8. Beware of a fake email regarding your W-2 form. The message says there was an issue with your W-2 and a link is provided to the correct copy. The link will send you to a site that asks for your personal information or may download a virus on your PC.
  9. Scammers are using BBB’s name in a phony email! The message says you have been scammed by a tech support company, and BBB is getting you a refund, just call a number to start the process. This is NOT how BBB handles complaints.
  10. Be careful if you receive a job offer to be a mystery shopper. A local consumer received a check in the mail and was instructed to deposit the check and wire money to someone out of state and rate the money wiring service. This is a scam!