BBB Hot Topics: March 2018

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By Better Business Bureau

 Take a look at BBB’s hot topics for March 2018!

  1. While many Kentuckiana residents are cleaning up after the recent flooding, consumers should be aware of "storm chasers" that may appear in the area. These are companies or individuals that pop up after a disaster, soliciting cleanup jobs or property repair, and skip town. Be sure to check out bbb.org first for businesses you can trust.
  2. Beware of the grandparent scam! If you receive a call from your grandchild, and they are requesting money via wire due to an emergency, hang up the phone and call your grandchild or their parent directly.
  3. Are you giving away personal information in a Facebook quiz? It may seem innocent enough to just answer a few questions about yourself, but you may be giving your personal information to a scammer.
  4. If you receive an email claiming your "Do Not Call" listing has expired, don't click on any links! Scam artists are posing as the FTC and say you must re-register your phone number to remain on the "Do Not Call" registry. If you click the link and give your number, you may be giving it straight to a scammer!
  5. Beware of fake claims by some questionable opioid treatment options. These treatments may promise "fast results" or "guarantees" but fall short on these promises. Some of these products or treatments may not even be FDA-approved! 
  6. Did you get a phone call from Publisher's Clearinghouse? Probably not. Scammers are telling consumers they have won millions of dollars, but they simply have to pay a small upfront fee to cover taxes before their winnings will be given. Don't fall for it!
  7. There's a new twist on the Nigerian Prince scam! A local consumer received a letter from a previous client. The letter stated the consumer was listed as a beneficiary in their will for their kindness and customer service over the years. All they had to do was send over their banking information to the lawyer. This is a scam!
  8. If you received a phone call from your utility company offering you a discount on your services, hang up! Scammers are offering up to 50% off your monthly electric, water, or cable bills if you set up automatic payments by providing your banking information over the phone.
  9. Tax season is in full swing, so beware of phony TurboTax emails. The email looks legitimate and even includes a copy of the TurboTax logo. But don't be fooled, the provided link sends you to a phishing site that captures your personal information.
  10. Are you making spring break plans? Make sure you get all of your travel details in writing, including cancellation and refund policies. Beware of companies that charge hefty upfront fees, and pay by credit card whenever possible.

For more information, visit bbb.org or call 1.800.388.2222.