BBB: Target Credit Card Attack – CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS!

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Better Business Bureau

 BBB is warning, if you shopped at Target lately, CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS. The store announced it has been hit by a major credit-card attack involving up to 40 million consumer accounts. The credit card breach took place between November 27 and December 15, 2013. It involves the theft of information stored on the magnetic stripe on the backs of cards used at nearly all of Target's stores around the country.

BBB offers these tips:

·        If you believe the breach involves your debit card, immediately request that your card be cancelled. Debit card transactions come straight out of your checking account!

·        Monitor your credit and/or debit card accounts. Check your accounts online so you don’t have to wait for your monthly statement to come in the mail.

·        Check statements for transactions you did not make. Report fraudulent charges immediately. Dispute those charges, in writing, with your financial institution. They will likely cancel your account and issue a new account number. You will not be responsible for the charges.

·        Some financial institutions will allow you to set up email or text message alerts for certain transactions. Contact your financial institution for more information.

Scam artists often steal valuable information like this and sell it on the black market to people who use the numbers to create fake credit or debit cards. Crime rings can use the fake cards to buy gift cards from major retailers and convert them into cash. BBB warns, this could happen very quickly, or months down the road, so continue to keep a keen eye on your accounts – or cancel them and get new account numbers!

For more information, contact the BBB at 1-800-388-2222 or www.bbb.org.