BBB Warns of Counterfeit Travelers Checks

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By Better Business Bureau

 Better Business Bureau serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky is warning consumers and businesses of counterfeit American Express Travelers Checks that have been reported by a local Louisville WalMart. Two transactions were paid for with the fake travelers checks and totaled over $2,4000. The individual used twenty-four $100 checks which were not signed after giving them to the associate at the register. To take a look at these counterfeit checks, please visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/bbbkyin

Inspect the check. Travelers checks often have a watermark and a texture to them. Look at the check to see if the watermark is present and feel the check to see if it has a raised texture, which should feel like paper currency.

Checks must be signed in front of the merchant. Consumers must sign the check in front of the cashier at the time of purchase on the bottom signature line. This must match the signature from the top signature line that was signed when the check was issued.

Contact the check issuer directly. If you have questions or concerns regarding the validity of the check, contact the company that issued the check directly.

If you have any information regarding counterfeit checks or re-encoded credit cards, please contact the United States Secret Service Louisville Field Office at 502-582-5171 or contact BBB at 800-388-2222 with any questions.