Bullitt is caring community indeed

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By The Staff

    The generosity of the community can be seen throughout the year in Bullitt County.

    However, during the holiday season, those efforts come to the forefront.

    Some of the efforts receive a little publicity -- such as the toy drives for Hillview’s Operation Santa or the stockings for the troops made by a group of ladies in Mount Washington to the Christmas store to benefit over 100 families at Trinity Life Center.

    Others go under the radar as churches provide for families every day of the year. And agencies like the Mount Washington Community Ministries and the Fellowship of Concern take care of people all the time.

    The Shepherd’s Shelter works with people in transition all the time.

    The bottom line is that when people are in need, the citizens of Bullitt County are ready to respond.

    This is what makes places like Bullitt County so special. It is the nature of the people to may be have rivalries over sporting events or alliances with certain civic groups. But in the time of need, they will all rally together.

    During this holiday season, if you have a spare dime or a coat that is in pretty good shape but needs a new home, look around. There is a community group that could turn that donation into something very special for someone who might be struggling.

    With the current economic situation, there are many who are struggling. But, there are also many who are willing to lend a helping hand.

    Bullitt County is a blessed community with so many great people. This is the hallmark of a caring community.

    Happy Holidays to all and thanks for what you do to care for others.