Deputy jailer facing sex charge

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - A deputy jailer with the Bullitt County Detention Center is now sitting behind bars at his own facility.

Steven Allen Plessinger, 41, of Shepherdsville, was arrested Monday after his shift as a deputy jailer at the Bullitt County correctional facility.

According to Sgt. Mike Murdoch of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Department, he received a call from Child Protective Services relating to information they received from a teenage female.

They were told that Plessinger allegedly had sexual contact with a female between the ages of 11-13.

Murdoch said during his interview with Plessinger on Monday, there was first a denial of the allegations but the suspect later confessed to the offenses.

Plessinger has been charged with single counts of sodomy and sexual abuse, both with a victim 12 years of age or younger. The most serious is a Class A felony punishable by 20 years to life in prison.

The detective said that there was no allegations of intercourse but there was inappropriate and deviate sexual contact.

The matter would now be turned over to the Bullitt County Grand Jury for consideration.

From his investigation, Murdoch said there is no evidence that any of the actions occurred in the detention center. And he felt it was an isolated victim and did not believe others would be involved.

Currently, Plessinger is being held on a $100,000 cash bond at the Bullitt County Detention Center, where he is being held separate from the rest of the jail population. He has been suspended without pay.