Get ready for forums for candidates

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Our Views

 Candidates for the major county offices should be prepared -- there will be at least a couple of forums this spring.

We don’t want to surprise anyone. From all the discourse we’ve seen on social media, the forum for the special election came as a surprise and was rigged in favor of the Democratic candidate.

As one of the sponsors, who is normally just the publicity arm for the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce, we’ve heard enough.

Here are the facts -- a date was set and one candidate was not available. So the date was changed and the candidate was still not available. 

These discussions were held via phone or email. When U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie made an appearance in Shepherdsville, a personal discussion was held between a member of the committee from the Chamber and one of the candidates.

When the candidate again said she couldn’t attend because of a scheduling conflict, the offer was made to let her videotape her answers and it would be played during the forum.

That offer was also denied.

The questions, which I believe we had some suggestions, were not made available to either candidate prior to the forum. If both agreed to appear, they would have both received those in advance.

And, if you agree with a letter writer in today’s Your Views, they weren’t exactly questions that would win or lose an election. They were pretty standard questions.

So why is this so important to talk about in valuable space of today’s newspaper?

Only to the fact that we are putting candidates on notice that there might be some forums this spring for the primary.

Details are currently being worked on by the Chamber and The Pioneer News will be there to cover the event. And will again cover it live on our Facebook page.

And it is important that the public is more involved. These are all very important elections. This county has continued to grow but it will face more challenges down the road.

You need to come out and listen to what the views of these folks are. We’ve never believed in straight-ticket voting and, in the primary, you don’t have that luxury.

Candidates, beware, forums are coming.