Hebron’s reward program right on target to motivate students

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By Stephen Thomas

 HEBRON ESTATES - Good behavior is its own reward, but at Hebron Middle School it could mean just a bit more.

The Hebron staff implemented a reward program based on students’ good behavior, featuring assistant principal Troy Kolb.

During the course of a school week faculty members place students’ names on paper hearts whenever good behavior is detected.

At the end of each week Kolb will draw one of the hearts. The winning students is rewarded with a fun activity challenge versus Kolb.

The inaugural winner, sixth grader Cody Rance, challenged Kolb to an archery shoot. 

Rance is a member of the school’s archery team. The final results: Cody Rance 74; Troy Kolb 42.

“Cody has become a great student,” Kolb said. “It’s partly because of his involvement in archery. That has really helped students in school with their confidence.”

Rance also received the first free T-shirt, distributed by Kolb, to commemorate the event.

Kolb said the reward program was created based on a request by the Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline for each school to reward a positive atmosphere and culture.

“We designed a reward system,” Kolb said. “The reason we chose hearts was that we emphasize to our students to display the heart of the panther.” (The panther is the school mascot)

Students are allowed to choose from a list of activities prepared by Kolb. Many include athletic competitions such as archery, basketball, running and the long jump.

Cerebral games are also listed, including checkers, quick recall, spelling or geography bees and Name That Tune.

Computerized games, including Wii games, may also be selected pending administration approval of each game.

For more information on the Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline visit www.kycid.org