Louisville Water offers tips to prepare for bitter cold weather

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Wrap Your Presents and Wrap Your Pipes

 With the arrival of cold weather, Louisville Water encourages customers to take some time and prepare their home for winter.

“Wrap your presents and wrap your pipes” is Louisville Water’s customer information campaign that focuses on how to avoid water lines freezing and a costly mess.  “Wrap Your Presents and Wrap Your Pipes” includes visuals and videos that illustrate how to prevent frozen water pipes inside the home. The materials are located at LouisvilleWater.com.

Each year during extreme cold weather, Louisville Water receives thousands of calls from customers whose internal water lines have frozen and/or burst.  While we don’t maintain the internal plumbing, we can offer tips to avoid a costly mess. 

Before cold weather lingers, focus on eliminating the amount of cold air coming into the home around water pipes.

1.        Wrap exposed pipes with insulating material purchased at a hardware store

2.       If the home has a crawl space, cover the outside vents to prevent winter winds from freezing the pipes

3.       If the house has a slab foundation, keep the garage door closed.  Some water pipes are located under concrete floors in the garage.

During extreme cold weather, consider running a small, steady stream of water from a cold water faucet in an area of the home where pipes are exposed or have frozen in the past. The movement of the water will help to prevent the water from freezing. Also, open cabinet doors to allow heat to surround the pipes.

Finally, regardless of the weather, locate the water shut-off valve. This is the valve that controls the flow of water into the house.  It’s usually located near the hot water heater, in the basement, or in a utility closet.  Turning off the water in the event of a burst pipe can minimize the damage.  Once you locate the valve, tag it with a waterproof hanger or a ribbon.  Louisville Water has free tags for customers at its downtown office and at Brownsboro Hardware.

Images and videos on how to winterize your home are at LouisvilleWater.com or on Louisville Water’s facebook and twitter pages. 

About Louisville Water

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