Nichols Elementary remains closed Friday

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 NICHOLS - Nichols Elementary will be closed on Friday, Nov. 2, due to the uncertain situation involving a nearby train derailment earlier this week.

Bullitt County Public School made the decision Thursday afternoon on the advisement of Bullitt County Emergency Management.

Nichols was also closed on Thursday due to the ongoing emergency situation. Students were allowed to spend the day at Bullitt Lick Middle School, along with the Nichols teachers and staff.

Bullitt Lick will again host Nichols students on Friday. Nichols parents may drop off and pick up their children at regular elementary school hours. BCPS will not be providing transportation.

According to BCPS, the state will determine if Nichols needs to make up the school days. If so, they will likely be placed on the schedule at the end of the school year.

For more information contact BCPS, 869-8000, or at www.bullittschools.org.


Nichols Elementary closed Thursday following derailment issues (Wednesday, Oct. 31, 11 p.m.)

Bullitt County Public Schools officials have announced that Nichols Elementary will be closed Thursday, Nov. 1, due to ongoing issues involving a recent train derailment and subsequent car explosion.

Following an explosion on Wednesday afternoon at the derailment site, Nichols was designated as a 'shelter in place' by BCPS in accordance with a five-mile radius surrounding the site.

Schools officials decided to close the school due to lingering potential hazardous issues, following advice from Bullitt County Emergency Management representatives.

BCPS will provide free child care for Nichols students at Bullitt Lick Middle School in Shepherdsville. Parents may drop off and pick up their children at Bullitt Lick during regular Nichols school hours.

Transportaion to Bullitt Lick will not be provided by BCPS.

Nichols teachers and staff will also report to Bullitt Lick on Thursday.

State officials will determine on Thursday if Nichols will make up the school day. If so, it will likely be scheduled at the end of the year, according to BCPS.

For more information call the BCPS Central Office, 869-8000, or visit the BCPS website, www.bullittschools.org.



Nichols Elementary under 'shelter in place' order following nearby explosion (Wednesday, Oct. 31, 3:30 p.m.)

An explosion at the site of a recent train derailment near West Point led to a "shelter in place" advisory for a five-mile radius from the site Wednesday afternoon.

The explosion occurred before 1:30 p.m., with emergency units from multiple counties responding to the scene.

Nichols Elementary, located within the five-mile radius area, was designated as a shelter in place an hour later as a precaution.

Bullitt County Public Schools' Central Office reported that the shelter in place order was handed down through Bullitt County Emergency Management officials.

"This is purely a precautionary measure based on the advice of Bullitt County Emergency Management," Central Office said via email.  "District officials have been in constant communication with the Director of Emergency Management who is communicating directly with authorities on the scene."

Shelter in place designation requires a facility to shut down ventilation systems and close all doors and windows until an all clear is ordered.

Despite the order, Nichols students could return home in normal fashion.

"Under shelter in place our ventilation systems are turned off and students stay in the bulding until we are given the all clear," Central Office reported. "Parents may still pick up and sign out their children, but they will otherwise remain at school until we are given the all clear for the area to deliver them home.  We will coninue to follow all directions and advice from Emergency Management in order to best ensure our students remain safe."

Nichols principal Sheri Hamilton said students continued their school day uninterrupted by the course of events outside.

"We've just had to shut down the heat and air vents," she said. "But otherwise it's been business as normal. The kids have had fun participating in their fall parties and didn't even know the difference."

Hamilton credited the Nichols staff and front office for remaining calm throughout the event.

Many parents contacted the school to determine their children's status. Hamilton said parents were welcome to check at any time. She also mentioned that dismissal took place as usual.