Parents learn to use portals for students

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Moving Forward/ By Pat Smith-Darnell director of pupil personnel

 Do You Use Parent Portal?

If you have not already registered to use Parent Portal now is the time to do it!  Parent Portal allows parents to see grades, attendance and discipline for their child anytime, anywhere, there is internet access.

As a parent of a student in the Bullitt County Public Schools, you will have firsthand information and will be able to share your child’s successes or address concerns with your child or the school right away. 

We all want our children to be successful; but, we need to realize they are children and do not always keep us informed when things may need some attention. 

Some students tend to avoid problems and hope they will just go away.  Sometimes they need some guidance from parents and school staff who can partner together to provide the student support and help along the way. 

We want to be able to provide you with every tool to allow you to be involved in your child’s education that is why we have worked to make Parent Portal available to you. 

The information on Parent Portal is “real time” that means that when it is entered into Infinite Campus at school it is immediately available to you on Parent Portal.    

Another important advantage to Parent Portal is that it allows parents the opportunity to ensure their phone numbers, address and other contact information is current and up to date. 

As a parent you want to be certain the school has your current address and contact information in case of an emergency at school. 

School staff will want to be able to reach you in an emergency and if the phone numbers are not current it creates additional stress in what may already be a stressful situation. 

For parents logging in for the first time, an activation key must be obtained from your child’s school. 

If you have children in more than one school you only need to contact one school to obtain an activation key that will allow you to access Parent Portal and information for all your children. 

After parents have obtained the activation key, the following steps should be followed for a successful log-in.

1. Go to the Parent Portal Login page https://infinitecampus.bullitt.kyschools.us/campus/portal/bullitt.jsp

2. Under the First Time Use heading and to the right of “If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key” choose click here. This option is used the very first time the portal is accessed.

3. The Click Here link will display an Activation Screen. Enter the 32 character activation key provided by the school.

4. Click the Submit button. The activation key will be verified, and when approved will display a screen to create a user name and password.

5. Enter a user name. It is best to use an alphanumeric (letters and numbers) user name.

6. Enter a password.  Again, it is best to use an alphanumeric (letters and numbers) password that is at least (8) characters long.

7. Enter the password a second time in the Verify Password field.

8. Click the Create Account button.  This will create the username and password.  The username and password will be verified, and upon approval the portal account will be created.

Use the Click Here link on the account creation page to enter the user name and password to access Portal information. After the activation key has been used to create a portal account, it will no longer be valid. Users will subsequently log in to the Parent Portal using their unique user name and password.

Parent Portal Guide

This guide will provide information for parents on how to access and use parent portal efficiently to monitor their students’ progress.  If you have issues with the parent portal please contact the school that the student attends with the problem. 

Access to Infinite Campus Portal

The district determines access to Campus Portal. Instructions for receiving a username and password are provided by the school your student attends. You will need only one username for all students you have attending school in the Bullitt County Public Schools.

Parent Portal incorporates the highest level of security. Parents and guardians can see only information related to the students that they are authorized to view through the use of strong passwords, forced password resets and session timeouts.

Parent Portal allows districts to force strong password usage by all users including parents and guardians. This requires a password that is at least 8 characters long and is case sensitive. In Addition, the district’s administrator may force users to reset their passwords from time to time. By default, the system will automatically end any user session that has been dormant for 60 minutes. 

Please take the time to enter your email address into Parent Portal under CHANGE CONTACT INFO.  This will help us to be able to send you a reminder in case you forget your user name and password used to access Parent Portal. 

Five unsuccessful login attempts will disable the portal account. 

In order to use portal again, parents will need to contact the district office to have the account reactivated.  

Navigating the Campus Portal

Navigating the campus portal is easy. 

Once logged in, an index of accessible information for each student is listed in the left navigation of the screen. 

The parents name will appear under the Campus Portal Header and each student’s name is listed below, with links to their school information. 

School and District Notices

When viewing Parent Portal any relevant notices are displayed in the main frame of the screen. Notices are organized by district-wide messages or by school specific messages.

To the left of the district messages in the gray you will notice:

Family - clicking on this should bring up students and others listed in that household and all household information including address and current phone number.  Please make sure this information is correct so that the school can contact you. 

Calendar - this will have county-wide events on it.  The calendar under your student’s name is school specific and will have your student’s assignments and attendance information.  

Schedule - will bring up a clickable schedule of your student’s classes and this is where you can click on the class and see the current grades for that class.

If the teacher does a newsletter it will be available here too.  Click on the paper with a date next to it and the newsletter will appear. This is an optional item the teachers may use.  

If the teacher does not have information posted there it can be found on their own web page.  Please check the specific school website for the teacher’s webpage. 

Please remember that elementary school students may not have as many grades posted here as the middle and high school students. 

Attendance - will bring up the students attendance information.

Each student has their own user name and password so they can view their information.  Students can get their own user name and password at their school.  So you do not have to share your user name and password to Parent Portal with your child. 

Please become an active Parent Portal user and partner with your child’s teachers and school to help your child celebrate success, navigate obstacles and reach their full potential. 

If you have questions regarding Parent Portal contact your child’s school.  If you need further assistance please contact Lesa Duncan, Student Information System Coordinator, at 869-8000.