Pity those who steal

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     “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”... Well it was at least on Seminole Court until Friday night, when some low life creeps stole three of our inflatable Christmas decorations.

    That’s right, they took a 8 foot Mickey Mouse, 4 foot Frosty the Snowman & 4 foot Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer right out of our front yard as we slept on Friday night, 12/3.  

   They tried to steal all of our Christmas cheer, but somehow couldn’t get away with our inflatable Snow Globe & 10 foot Snowman.

    Somehow those 2 inflatables survived but ended up having huge rips in them from the fight of the creeps trying to pull them up. I was kind of in shock when I discovered that someone had actually stolen our Christmas decorations. I mean, what kind of person has the heart to do that? But then I started thinking about my son.

    They didn’t steal Christmas decorations from me. If they had of that might have been easier to swallow. No, they stole Christmas inflatables from my 8 year old son. My 8 year old special needs son. My 8 year old special needs son who has more medical problems than most elderly people. My 8 year old son who has been hospitalized ten times, or more, in his short 8 years of life. A little boy who has a metabolic disorder that is so rare that he is one of only three kids in the state of Kentucky that has this disorder. A little boy who himself loves the Christmas inflatables more than getting Christmas presents. Yeah, that’s who the creeps stole from. I hope they can live with themselves if they are reading this.

    To my son, these Christmas inflatables were not just decorations. He adored them and started asking for the “blow ups as he calls them” to be put up as early as October. To him, they were real life friends that he would say “Good Bye” to each and every day as we left our home. I’m sure the creeps that stole them have perfectly healthy children and cannot even imagine the stress of having a special needs child. But I do hope that one day they have to tell their perfectly healthy children that something they loved is gone. Simply at no fault of their own, but just gone overnight!!!

    Of course, my son doesn’t know the meaning of the word “theft” so we simply told him that they were broken. “Rudolph is broken” in a sad tone he said when he discovered they were gone. Of course, we can buy more Christmas inflatables but what is really broken is this world we live in. When the creeps of the world go around stealing Christmas décor from the front yards of special needs children that to me shows that the world we live in is in a very bad place. A donated Grinch inflatable from Shepherdsville City Park was also stolen the very same night. So in one night, it seems that the creeps hit the jackpot in Christmas inflatables.

    The Christian is me says that I need to forgive the creeps....that they were just Christmas inflatables but the mother of the special needs child in me (who will be hearing my son ask about Rudolph, Mickey and Frosty for the next few Christmas) wants the creeps to get exactly what they need for Christmas... a good healthy dose of KARMA. The kind of KARMA of what comes around goes around.

    I hope everyone else out there who isn’t stealing Christmas décor has a very Merry Christmas but keep an eye out on our Christmas décor this year. And if your neighbor happens to have recently overnight gotten an inflatable Mickey Mouse, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer don’t be surprised if you see Santa Claus dumping coal down their chimney this year because they are definitely on the naughty list! 

Toni, Dave & Trent McKinley