Plan for future something long time in coming

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By The Staff

 There was an impressive crowd who gathered in Shepherdsville on Monday evening.

They weren’t there to trade gossip. No one had shovels looking to dig up money in Shepherdsville. And no one really had much of an opinion about the Sunday alcohol sales in Mount Washington.

What those who attended the meeting organized by state Rep. Linda Belcher wanted to do is talk about the future -- the county’s future.

Linda’s late husband attempted to bring cities and the county together during his first term in the General Assembly. The goal was to have projects in a priority list ready in case any extra money came available in Frankfort.

Belcher and Bullitt County were successful in getting some of that money that had normally gone to other communities.

Now, Linda Belcher is looking to bring the community together. She wants all agencies represented.

The goal is to look at how the county hopes to see itself 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Such forward thinking has always gotten stuck in neutral.

We have opined on an annual basis about the need for some forward thinking. The prospects of a group that will actually do that is outstanding.

We wish the committee the best of luck and The Pioneer News will be there to do whatever is needed to make this group become successful.