Settlement could be possible in termination appeal

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - After only one night of testimony, there may be some headway into reaching some settlement in the termination of Shepherdsville sewer plant operator Michael Schroeder.

The Shepherdsville Civil Service Commission did not hold its hearing on Tuesday.

Schroeder was appealing his Feb. 1 termination by Mayor Sherman Tinnell.

Attorney Thomas Clay said due to some changes in the situation, both parties agreed to delay any additional testimony for two weeks.

He said that might indicate that there could be some agreement reached.

Schroeder was demoted last fall and then reinstated with his full back pay in January. However, that same letter notified him of his termination based on several portions of the city’s civil service ordinance.

During the only night of testimony, city clerk Maxine Jeffries reported that Schroeder had problems completing paperwork as required.

John Bradley, the city’s storm water coordinator, said that when he was assigned the task of meeting EPA requirements for a consent order dating back to 2006, he found Schroeder to be uncooperative in those efforts. He said the city could be liable for over $7 million in fines due to Schroeder’s lack of compliance with the items in the agreed order.

Testimony could resume on Tuesday, March 23, at 5:45 p.m. at city hall. The public is invited to attend.