Shepherdsville Park hosts National Day of Prayer

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 How far have we digressed as a nation?

In 1620, William Bradford and the brave men and women of faith aboard the Mayflower declared America to be “for the glory of God and the advancement of the  Christian faith.”

Later, it was President George Washington who said that the twin pillars essential for supporting a successful society are morality and religion. John Adams, our second President, declared that “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were... the general principles of Christianity.” 

Yet today, atheists and antireligion lobbyists are attacking the foundations of our Judeo-Christian society at an unprecedented scale and Americans have had enough! 

John Bornschein, Vice Chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, adds Abraham Lincoln, quoting from the biblical passage of Mark 3:24, boldly stated that “a  house (nation) divided against itself cannot stand.”

The issues that divided our nation during the 2012 elections were of greater significance than the prevailing economic scrutiny. The moral values of the sanctity of human life, preservation of marriage,  defense of Israel and religious freedoms became the focus of attack while many remained unaware of the new aggressive, socialistic agenda sweeping across the land. But eyes are being opened and the outcry is significant. The predominate population of Christians in our nation have been silent long enough and they are taking the issues to God in mobilized, corporate prayer.””

On Thursday, May 2, 2013, millions will unite in direct opposition to the attacks on religious freedom. 

It will be the largest National Day of Prayer on record. Individuals are being asked to pray, petition and be a voice of reason at such a critical hour in our nation’s history. To learn more, visit           www.nationaldayofprayer.org

Bullitt County will have a prayer event in the Shepherdsville City Park by Salt River. 

The local event will be held at the West 1st St. Pavilion at 12 NOON on May 2, 2013. 

Area pastors will lead in prayer and the Bullitt Central HS JROTC will present the colors.

Contact for event is coordinator Donna Bradshaw at 543-0825.


About the National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer tradition predates the founding of the United States of America, evidenced by the Continental Congress’ proclamation in 1775 setting aside a day of prayer. In 1952, Congress established an annual day of prayer and, in 1988, that law was amended, designating the National Day of Prayer as the first Thursday in May.