Straighten out the record

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I read an opinion letter from a Ms. Thompson that stated Gloria Taft and Dana James brought the “brink of bankruptcy” to a balanced budget (in the city of Shepherdsville).

I am not being negative toward these ladies but do wish to straighten the record. They were not in office when this began and the council at the time (including myself) worked hard with the mayor to make tough decisions that were not popular and understandably so.

All these recoveries were in place when these ladies took office and then they continued with it.

The other comment was “their votes to reduce city debt has allowed them to pass three years of tax cuts.”

While I was there, the occupational tax was raised to help with the debt and it was given a sunset date with a promise that it would not continue.

Both ladies, to my knowledge, voted to keep it even after being informed the public was promised it would sunset.

I don’t mind in mud slinging and will not participate in that but I do believe in the truth and that the public should have the facts.

Bonnie Enlow