Support group helps parents who have lost children

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By Alex Wimsatt

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Losing a child is hard enough, but losing a child and feeling alone can be unbearable. 

When Trisha Eskridge lost her twin sons Carter and Caleb to premature birth in 2006 she was devastated. While many were there to console her shortly after their deaths, she felt alone. 

Visiting the cemetery where her sons were laid to rest she met Nichole Cavote who had also lost a child in 2006. 

In Cavote, Eskridge found someone she could relate to and she didn’t feel so alone. They understood each other’s pain and helped each other find new ways of living without their children and they wanted to pass that along. 

Together they decided to start a support group for parents like themselves who were dealing with losing children.

In December Parents Left Behind was incorporated as a non-profit organization to provide grieving parents with a network of support to help them deal with their losses.

“This organization is for people to know that they are not alone,” Eskridge said. 

“No one should feel alone or feel unable to speak of their child.”

Eskridge said that while many found it difficult talk about their losses it helped to share memories and grieve for the healing process, which is why Parents Left Behind allows parents the opportunity to share their stories through their website. 

“Losing a child is such a taboo subject and often people are afraid to bring up the child’s name.  As parents, we don’t want people to forget our children,” she said.

“We want this site to be a place where parents can share their children without fear of rejection and in hopes of finding support from others.” 

Since incorporating Parents Left Behind, Eskridge and Cavote have been compiling stories of loss for a book they would like to have published.

 “It will show others that there is life after the loss and they will find their new normal,” she said. 

 Eskridge said Parents Left Behind would also like to make home visits when parents are in their darkest hours shortly after a loss.

In an effort to also provide financial support to grieving parents, Parents Left Behind is accepting donations. 

To find out more about Parents Left Behind, post stories, view and submit memorial photos or make donations, visit www.parentsleftbehind.com. 

For all other inquiries about Parents Left Behind call Eskridge at (502) 599-1582.