Those in cold, long line no ‘chickens’ to seek food

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By Alex Wimsatt

MOUNT WASHINGTON – When AJ Faught heard that Kentucky Fried Chicken was returning to Mount Washington and that the restaurant chain was offering a year supply of free chicken to those first in line for the grand opening he was determined to be one of them.

Faught braved the frigid cold to become the first in line for the KFC Mount Washington grand opening on Tuesday, Dec. 14, arriving around 7:30 a.m. before anyone else.

He waited over two hours in single digit temperatures for the chance to get a free bucket of chicken every month for a year starting in January.

The longer he waited, the colder he got. Faught said the cold became almost unbearable toward the end and he had considered giving up, but he stuck it out.

His friends thought he was crazy, calling his cell phone to taunt him. But Faught had the last laugh when he was the first to enter the new restaurant.

“I got the chicken,” he said.

As someone who loves KFC, Faught said standing outside for over two hours in the freezing cold was well worth it.

Abby Masters of Mount Washington arrived in line for the grand opening just after Faught, around 8 a.m.

Unlike Faught, however, Masters had not planned to stand in line, but she was off work that day, so after she dropped her daughter off at Bullitt East High School she got in line and became lucky number two.

 “I didn’t have anything else to do and I wanted to see if I could do it,” she said. “I thought it was something fun and different.”

Masters was pleased to receive the year supply of chicken, but more than anything she was glad KFC was back in Mount Washington.

“It’s nice to see new restaurants opening up out here,” she said.

Besides offering $10 buckets of chicken every month for a year to the first 10 in line, KFC offered $5 meal boxes every month for a year to the next 50 in line and $2 snack sandwiches to the next 200 in line.

KFC Associate Brand Manager David Menis, who was responsible for the grand opening event, said the giveaway was to intended to help KFC promote its new value menu and show folks that the restaurant has great food at fair prices throughout the day, whether it’s lunch, dinner or snacking.

The Mount Washington restaurant is the first KFC in greater Louisville to feature the new menu.

“It’s something we’re really excited about,” Menis said. “With so many deals you have to clip coupons or buy something else. We’re offering these deals every day. We’re trying to go the extra mile for the consumer.”

As for the turnout at the grand opening, Menis said he was very pleased with the reception from the community.

“We’re excited about their enthusiasm for our restaurant,” he said.

In an effort to become a community establishment the folks at KFC are instituting an award program to recognize exceptional Bullitt East students, which they’re calling The Charger Way Award.

Each week KFC will give a $5 gift certificate to a BEHS student chosen for demonstrating good character.

“We think it fits nicely with our So Goodad campaign,” Menis said, adding that the company was looking to building additional partnerships with the school in the future.

For more information about KFC Mount Washington call (502) 538-7925 or visit kfc.com.