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 Several comments made in this article (Jan. 1, about new Shepherdsville firehouse) caught my attention.

The article states, “Eventually, Troutman ( Chief Layne Troutman) said the growth along Highway 245 may require a small station in that area.”

Apparently Chief Troutman has not been out to the Highway 245 area in some time. We have a Wonderful seven (7) bay, state of the art fire station located next to Bernheim Forest.

Secondly, my thoughts were, it probably is a good thing that Chief Troutman has not been out to the Highway 245 area; Shepherdsville, and in this case, Chief Troutman needs to keep their noses out of the South East Bullitt Community all together!

We can conduct our own business without the help of Shepherdsville.

Lastly, the tract of property this new fire house is to be located on, was donated to the city by the developers of the Cedar Grove Business Park.

As a citizen and homeowner of the area, the knowledge that these gracious developers were so kind in “Donating a Cemetery” for the use of this new fire house makes me truly wonder what other gracious offerings they may have in store!

Steven Phelps

South East Bullitt Community Vice Chair