Welcome to our new, exciting website

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By Thomas Barr

    It’s new.

    It’s improved.

    It’s ready to go.

    On Sunday, The Pioneer News unveiled its remodeled and retooled website, www.pioneernews.net

    The first thing you will see is that it is a clean website and it is easy to navigate. I really didn’t know what that meant but several people have already e-mailed me and expressed those comments.

    I really is a nice layout for the website and it really is easy to navigate.

Appearance isn’t everything.

    There must be content.

    For those regular readers of our websites, you are accustomed to seeing the updated obituaries, the breaking news and the news and feature stories.

    There will always be advertising in our Marketplace from local businesses.

    But there are a few changes which have been added to the website.

For example, we now have a stable of bloggers.

    Steven Thomas and myself will have blog topics.

    Marke Richardson, the weather guru of Bullitt County, will talk about his love and intrigue with meteorology.

    Cynthia Brown and Elizabeth McGuire will bring us information from the Bullitt County Health Department.

    And there will be others that we add in coming weeks and months.

    There will be forum topics on the website. We’ll throw out items for our public to make comments about.

    Unlike other sites, however, we control what goes onto the website.       Don’t expect to see those idiotic ramblings full of personal attacks that you might experience elsewhere.

    One of the most exciting changes is the inclusion of video movies to our site. Don’t be surprised if you see reporters with a digital camera in one hand and a video camera in the other. There will also be ways to submit your own videos in the future.

    Our slideshows will be easier for us to update. Also, you will have an opportunity to purchase the pictures that you see on-line.

    For those who want to submit items to the newspaper, that has just gotten easier. By going to the button on the website, you have forms to submit social news, community news and even news tips. You can include a photo with the submission. Letters to the editor can also be submitted.

    And the best thing is that they can be submitted 24/7.

    The most fancy new feature, although he was still tweaking it, is our e-edition. This is The Pioneer News in its full form with everyone available on-line.

    My hat is off to reporters Stephen Thomas and Alex Wimsatt, as well as graphic artist Stephanie Storm, for their hard work in making this transition possible in a matter of four days. We also have a fine crew of people with our corporate office that made it possible.

    We’re looking for feedback on the new site. Expect to see more things added as we go along. And we’ll be fine-tuning some of the existing items.

    Sign up for our e-mail blasts. It’s a simple way to get our alerts which are sent out when breaking news warrants, including school closings.

Take a few moments to go to www.pioneernews.net

    We are proud of the product and we hope you are, too.