• Burnett’s scrapbooking emotional, award-winning experience at fair

     CLERMONT—A picture says a thousand words but how that picture is presented can evoke a thousand emotions.

    Scrapbooker Ange Burnett channels her emotions when designing a scrapbook page in an effort to let the viewer feel the experience the same way she encountered the moment in real time.

    “Scrapbooking is about telling about the way you felt there,” Burnett said. “It’s the only way to leave something behind that has emotion to it.”


     There was a special presentation to Shepherdsville police officer Bryan Whittaker uipon his recent retirement.

    Whittaker retired from the Shepherdsville Police Department, the same agency his father retired from as an officer.

    Police chief Rick McCubbin and mayor Curtis Hockenbury presented the special award to Whittaker.

    The officer thanked his fellow officers for being such as excellent group of people to work with.

  • Safe driving part of life for Proctor

     MOUNT WASHINGTON—It’s an honor that takes trust in not only the participant’s abilities but those around him.

    “Safe is safe,” FedEx driver David Proctor said. “You can’t be involved in an accident, no matter who causes it.”

    The Mount Washington native has accomplished a safe driving record for 34 years and recently competed in his 10th year of the national Truck Driving Championships in Columbus, Ohio.

    Proctor has logged around three million miles in those 34 years, the past 24 spent with FedEx.

  • Brown retires after 20 years of educating about health

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — If the Bullitt County Health Department has taught anything in the past 20 years, the odds are high that Cynthia Brown was involved.

    When Brown started at the health department in October 1997, there wasn’t a health education department to be found.

    Now it has become a staple in the community with a team of four educators prepared to keep her legacy alive as she enters retirement.

    For Brown, it wasn’t a one-person show but rather a community effort that has helped health education to thrive in the county.

  • Daughter follows mother into profession of helping animals

     MOUNT WASHINGTON—Dr. Chris Albert was doing a routine visit at the stockyards sometime around 1992 when she was alerted that a child had one of her syringes.

    Worried, she turned around to see that the child was her three-year-old daughter, Jessica Carnes, ready to hand her mom the next tool.

    “Oh, it’s that’s child,” Albert replied. “That child is okay.”

    By age six, Carnes was administrating anesthesia during an operation.

  • Johnston selected as new Pleasant Grove principal

      After two years working as the assistant principal at Pleasant Grove, Beau Johnston has been chosen to lead the elementary school following the retirement of Melissa Whicker.

    “I am honored and thrilled to fulfill the role as the leader of Pleasant Grove Elementary,” he said. “The tradition of excellence at this school speaks for itself and I feel that I am up for the challenge to continue with the academic success as well as educating the whole child.”

  • Fugate selected as new principal at Brooks Elementary

     Brooks Elementary School’s new Principal is Kevin Fugate.

    “I am really excited to begin a journey with Brooks Elementary and Bullitt County,” he said. “I am happy that the hiring team at Brooks found the qualities they were looking for in me.”

     Fugate’s short term goals at Brooks Elementary are to build relationships with his school community and build a unifying culture.

    Long term goals include seeing Brooks excel both culturally and academically.

  • First to Finish: Jones, Patel first to complete Craft

     MOREHEAD — Every year, 30 boys and 30 girls are selected to attend Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics, a prestigious high school located in Morehead, Ky. that works in conjunction with Morehead State University to allow high school juniors and seniors to complete high school and jumpstart their college careers.

    This year, the school saw its first two Bullitt Advanced Math and Science (BAMS) complete its program. 

  • Love continues for couple who have been together for 75 years

     MOUNT WASHINGTON - It was during the war that a well-traveled couple would first make a home.

    Bob and Carol Sharp are now making another move together, both becoming residents of Elmcroft Mount Washington over the summer.

    Elmcroft would play host to a special celebration, a 75th wedding anniversary with a gathering of many family and friends.

    The couple has stayed together through good times and in difficult times at the beginning while Bob was a member of the United States Air Force.

  • Dream turns into book as MW writer wants to inspire others in daily lives

     MOUNT WASHINGTON— Hometown resident Stephanie Feger was a judge on America’s Got Talent.

    She was the Simon Cowell of the group- the one who harshly crushed dreams.

    When a little boy came onstage to show his drawing skills, she knew instantly he’d be cut.

    Expecting tears, Feger was shocked when the boy smiled and handed her the picture he’d drawn.

    “That’s okay,” he said. “Color something pretty today.”