Today's Features

  •  There is so much more to Los Angeles than “Hollywood glitz and glamour!” LA shines bright with many experiences. LA provides a bounty of reasons to hop an Allegiant Airbus from The Northern KY Airport (straight thru flight, economical, and lots of hotels off park and fly). 

  •  Heroes don’t always wear capes! Sometimes, the greatest heroes are the everyday people who work to help others and improve their communities. Obviously, this includes first responders like police officers and firefighters, but local volunteers and people who look out for their neighbors are also heroes in their own right.

    In honor of those individuals and anyone who wants to discover ways they can give back too, Bullitt County Public Library is hosting its first ever Community Heroes Festival on Saturday, March 23.

  •  The cost of food in America remains affordable.  The 

    U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service states that American Consumers spend just over 10% of their disposable income — portion of income available for spending or savings — on food.

    Kentucky Farm Bureau and the 120 counties call this to the attention of the consumers in February because that is when we have earned enough disposable income to pay for our annual food supply (about seven weeks).

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON — Music on the boombox indicates it’s time to switch gears and Alicia Doyle’s third graders hurry to get to their proper places before the song ends.

    As the last notes finish, each student is sitting on his or her square on the mat in front of the smartboard, ready to work through math worksheets and test each other on the answers.

    Rather than watch from above, Doyle sits on the mat while helping those with questions.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Local art students were collecting supplies like honey.

    Each Bullitt County High School received a little extra to help out courtesy of the Bullitt County Conservation District and the new Bees for Bullitt County organization.

    The two programs combined to donate supplies at each school in a contest of decorating beehive boxes.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - It’s not too early for Bullitt County’s middle schoolers to begin thinking of their college and career pathways.

    All eighth graders countywide were invited to attend field trips at the Bullitt County Area Technology Center and Riverview Opportunities Center.

    The purpose of the field trips were to allow each student a glimpse into the possibilities that away them in their upcoming educational years, said Bullitt County Public Schools College and Career Readiness director Lee Barger.

  •  CLERMONT - An international artist will display some of his finest works at Bernheim Forest, without paying a giant toll.

    Danish artist Thomas Dambo agreed to prepare three art pieces at the forest, known as the Forest Giants, which he will create on site over the next month. Each piece will resemble a giant troll.

    The artwork is created using recycled and repurposed materials, demonstrating that trash can become a valuable resource. Along with educating patrons, the trolls also fulfill an artistic expression that Bernheim takes pride in.

  •  Family Resource and Youth Service Centers were born from the Kentucky Education Reform Act nearly 30 years ago.

    Based on the number of students eligible for free and/or reduced lunch, these centers became a valuable resource at schools for the purpose of eliminating barriers to student learning.

    During initial and subsequent state funding, all but one Bullitt County elementary, two middle and one high school were able to obtain a center.

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON — Bullitt County’s middle school teacher of the year knows what she wants to be when she grows up.

    Until then, she’s working to ensure each student is given a chance early on to discover his or her own passion.

    Eastside Middle’s Christine Stidom is a fan of science, fiction and science fiction.

    The sixth grade science teacher often incorporates science fiction flicks in her lessons, urging students to contemplate the realistic possibilities of what they see and explain why it could or could not happen.

  •  Thousands of kids brought their parents and grandparents to the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce KidsFest on Saturday.

    There were plenty of activities and attractions on hand.

    See more photos from Stephen Thomas here.