• Budget has $2 million for loop study

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- The reality of a new four-lane road connecting Interstate 65 to Interstate 71 could still be years away.

    However, if the state highway department’s plan for future projects remain in the final biennial budget, the light at the end of the tunnel has gotten a lot brighter.

    In the state’s proposed six-year road plan, the loop running across four counties would have a $2 million funding package for a study.

  • Anita Stump selected new leader for Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - A local girl who grew up in rural Bullitt County now takes on the task of directing businesses into the future.

    The Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce recently selected Anita Stump as its newest executive director.

    Stump previously worked as member services director for the Bullitt County YMCA, with 20 years experience working with the organization.

  • BBB Hot Topics: February 2018

     Take a look at BBB’s hot topics for February 2018!

  • Turnaround Resource Center cuts ribbon on LJ location

    LEBANON JUNCTION— After three months of helping their neighbors, the Turnaround Resource Center slowed down just long enough to celebrate their grand opening.

    Located at 11980 South Preston Highway in Lebanon Junction, resident Jennie Maness opened the nonprofit center as an information station to better the lives of the residents in her hometown.

    “We live in a society where it’s all about me,” Troy Fleming said. “My sister said ‘I could do that, but I want help others get their piece of the pie, too.’”

  • First facility for homeless will be limited use site

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Bullitt County will have a new facility that can handle some of those who are homeless.

    However, neighbors were at first surprised to hear the news and then were quickly outraged.

    Bullitt County Housing First has purchased a home on West Shannon Lane off Highway 44 West in Shepherdsville.

    While chairperson Rob Beckett said the home will not be a shelter for anyone to walk in and stay, neighbors attending a recent meeting were still upset.

  • MW council listens to medical marijuana talk

     MOUNT WASHINGTON — A hot topic across the country found its way to the Mount Washington City Council.

    The debate over whether marijuana should be approved for distribution has been around for decades.

    However, recent studies have shown the health benefits to certain disease like epilepsy and post traumatic stress disorder.

    Chris McMillan spoke to the council to update them on House Bill 166 and Senate Bill 80, both currently in discussion during the general assembly, and to ask them to pass a resolution supporting the bills.

  • More pay could help Hillview retain, hire officers

     HILLVIEW -- Police chief Bill Mahoney knows the trend. And, it is one he is not particularly fond of.

    The ability to retain or to recruit experienced police officers is getting tougher and tougher.

    With the concerns over the pension program and with less individuals interested in going into the profession, police officers are becoming more valuable.

    And, that “more valuable” means that salary levels are becoming more important.

  • Election fields now set

     SHEPHERDSVILLE – There are some large fields and some not-so-large fields as the primary filing deadline has passed.

  • Shepherdsville audit reveals repeat offenses

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — Members of the current Shepherdsville City Council recently got a glimpse into concerns which came to light during a special audit of its financial books ending June 30, 2016.

    In January, the members were advised of the financial findings of a regular annual audit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017.

    In both, concerns over at least a couple of issues were pointed out by separate auditing firms.

  • Deadline Tuesday to file for office; fields begin to fill

     SHEPHERDSVILLE – If you want to get on the ballot for the the 2018 election, you better hurry.

    The fields continue to grow as the 4 p.m. deadline on Tuesday, Jan. 30, approaches.



    The top race on the ticket remains the quest for Bullitt County Judge/Executive.

    Incumbent Melanie Roberts is being challenged by Jerry Summers.

    On the Democratic ticket, Tony Thompson is the lone person to sign up.