• Surcharge back on PSC’s table

     HILLVIEW  -- Last Christmas, customers of the ill-fated Hunters Hollow sewer district were gifted with news that a proposed surcharge would not be imposed.

    However, sometime after this Christmas, the gift may be taken back.

    With authority granted by a U.S. District bankruptcy judge, creditors of Bullitt Utilities can ask the state Public Service Commission permission to impose a monthly surcharge.

  • Huffman fights to keep seat

     MOUNT WASHINGTON -- Whether Michael Huffman is to be allowed to sit as a member of the Mount Washington Fire Protection Board will be determined by Bullitt Circuit Judge Rodney Burress.

    A legal dispute over the election of Huffman to the fire board was sought to clarify the situation over nepotism.

    Huffman’s attorney, Walter Sholar, and county attorney John Wooldridge, representing the fire district board, both said they saw no need for an oral argument.

    However, both were called upon by Burress to answer some questions about the case.

  • BBB Warns of Counterfeit Travelers Checks

     Better Business Bureau serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky is warning consumers and businesses of counterfeit American Express Travelers Checks that have been reported by a local Louisville WalMart. Two transactions were paid for with the fake travelers checks and totaled over $2,4000. The individual used twenty-four $100 checks which were not signed after giving them to the associate at the register. To take a look at these counterfeit checks, please visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/bbbkyin

  • Dog fight breaks out over shelter

     HEBRON ESTATES -- It resembled past battles over the years in Bullitt Fiscal Court.

    Volunteers and patrons at the Bullitt County Animal Shelter once again descended upon elected officials Tuesday and a verbal dogfight erupted.

    Upset by the conduct shown toward the public and the animals by Bullitt County animal control officer Mark Williams, demands for change echoed through the courtroom.

    What also echoed through the chambers was some very person comments.

  • ROADSHOW for the week beginning December 11, 2016

     Inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances may occur, so the information below is strictly of an advisory nature and is subject to change with no notice.


    Pothole patching, sweeping, drain & ditch cleaning, pavement marking, and maintenance crews may work on major interstates in the Louisville Metro area only during non-peak daytime hours and at night.  Motorists should watch for roadside maintenance and pavement marking crews on interstates and highways throughout the rest of the district on a daily basis.


  • Sale will allow Bernheim footprint to grow

     CLERMONT— A local family has preserved their family history by conserving land they have owned for over 155 years. 

    In honor of the late Raymond Thurman, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest has bought 162 acres of land. The increase means the forest now has 14,673 acres dedicated to conservation and education.

    According to Thurman’s daughter, Benita Bush, her grandparents moved to the land in 1861. Her father was born there in 1919. Over the years, the land was used for corn, horses and cattle.

  • Leaders are talking contract

     CLERMONT —  Could it be?

    Could there be an agreement in the works to settle the long-standing, expensive dispute between two agencies which run the Southeast Bullitt fire services?

    Before anyone does any back flips or threatens to hold their breath, the story of an agreement has been written before.

    The latest evidence of an accord between the Southeast Bullitt Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and the Southeast Bullitt Fire District Board came at a recent meeting.

  • No beavers hurt in their relocation on Alpha Way project

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — The community center behind the old city hall will remain just that.

    The Shepherdsville City Council rejected a request to turn the community center into space for public works.

    At a previous meeting, the discussion centered around the need to provide additional space for public works.

    Besides getting its equipment out of the elements, the existing building leaks and has no heat and air conditioning.

  • Dahlkamp eager to get moving as owner of Shepherdsville Chiropractic

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - New ownership has allowed a comeback of sorts for Shepherdsville Chiropractic and Rehab.

    Dr. David Dahlkamp, DC, took over as the company’s new owner as of July 1.

    Shepherdsville Chiropractic first opened for business 10 years ago and has been in its current location, at 149 Highway 44 East, for five years.

    Dahlkamp earned his chiropractic degree from Logan College in St. Louis. The family moved to Kentucky in 2006, including his wife, Cory, and their children Hunter, 12, and Ava, 10.

  • MW rezoning raises concerns; commercial OK’d

     MOUNT WASHINGTON  -- Despite concerns from neighbors, the Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission felt that the continuation of residential development off Hubbard Lane was a good thing.

    But the Mount Washington City Council will make the final zoning decision.

    Rocky Lonesome Realty Management sought to rezone 49 acres from Agricultural to R-3 Residential.

    According to attorney Mark Edison, the property in question is adjacent to the Twin Eagles development.