• BBB Hot Topics: April 2016

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  • MW wants to get control of signs

     MOUNT WASHINGTON-- Sometimes you just need a sign and, for the city of Mount Washington, Homearama was the sign that it needed to clean up its signs.

    According to Community Planning and Development Director Lori Puchino, the city has a lot of work to do in preparation of the estimated 15,000 visitors expected to come through town this July.

  • Rental units in Hillview may have to be inspected

     HILLVIEW -- Over the past few years, the number of homes which have fallen into foreclosure has risen.

    Hillview mayor Jim Eadens is concerned that many are being purchased and then rented out.

    His bigger concern is that the homes that are rented out do not currently require any inspections.

    “I’m concerned that these rental homes are not being maintained,” said Eadens.

    The topic arose at one of the recent caucus meetings hosted by the Hillview City Council.

  • Hebron Estates looks to branch out, considers pair of rezoning requests

    HEBRON ESTATES - One of Bullitt County’s smallest municipalities is experiencing a growth spurt featuring many changes.

    A recent Hebron Estates City Commission meeting involved two rezoning, an annexation, and discussion of traffic flow in part due to the new Highway 61.

    The commission approved a rezoning request of two acres owned by Corbett Construction Co., Inc., from R-3 Residential to I-L Light Industrial.

  • Economic development recap impressive

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - An issue involving the county sheriff’s office was settled at the previous meeting.

    And an issue involving a new roadway was settled by Shepherdsville officials just minutes prior to the most recent Fiscal Court meeting.

    With the negativity behind them, Bullitt Fiscal Court members delighted in good news provided by Economic Development director John Snider.

    “It’s been one of the most exciting years in Bullitt County history,” Snider said as he began his annual report.

  • Directional signs to be posted near courthouse

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - With the sheriff’s office debt situation settled, it was time for other county agencies to begin suggesting items for inclusion to the 2016-17 fiscal year budget.

    Various department heads discussed potential budget items at a recent Fiscal Court meeting.

    Road Department director Hyte Rouse suggested budgeting for a new building to house equipment and protect it from the elements.

    “Our equipment has lots of electronics now, and we need the weather protection,” he said.

  • Legislation could affect county’s tourist business; grants awarded

     SHEPHERDSVILLE—New senate bills could change affect tourism throughout Bullitt County.

    According to Tourism Director Troy Beam, there are three specific bills waiting for approval.

    Senate Bill 50 pertains to the school calendar bill, which would set the opening school day to be no later than the Monday closest to August 26, extending the summer for tourism activities. Beam said the bill passed in the Senate but doesn’t look like it will make it in the House of Representatives.

  • Deal done to resolve lawsuit against Hillview

     HILLVIEW -- Nearly 11 years to the time the litigation started, it appears that the dispute between the city of Hillview and Truck America Training may be over.

    On Monday evening, the Hillview City Council voted 4-1 to approve a settlement offer which had been reached with Truck America officials.

    The lawsuit started in April 2005 when the Hillview City Council would not accept the truck training school’s offer to purchase a 40-acre tract off Ferguson Lane.

  • Lebanon Junction serious about cleaning up community

    LEBANON JUNCTION— Though it is small, it is fierce.

    And it won’t stop until it gets what it wants which, in this case, is an appealing city.

    “We used to be the Mayberry of this end of the county and I’d like to keep it that way,” Lebanon Junction mayor Larry Dangerfield said.

    Dangerfield reminded the city council at a recent meeting that the town’s slogan is “We care.” and that, often times, the community doesn’t look like it.

  • Mount Washington looks at total money needed to borrow for projects

    MOUNT WASHINGTON— Mount Washington currently has a lot of projects happening and those projects cost a lot of money.

    The city is borrowing $6.5 million from First Citizens Bank of Mount Washington through a Bond Anticipation Note (BAN) to assist with the projects until the finalized bond is drawn up.

    Because the final bond amount needed is uncertain at this pointing time, the BAN allows the city to borrow what they think they’ll need until three-fourths of the project is finished,