• BBB Hot Topics: April 2018

     Take a look at BBB’s hot topics for April 2018!


  • Two new businesses open in Mt. Wash.

     MOUNT WASHINGTON — Buying a home can get confusing. A new business in Mount Washington has brought everything a buyer might need to one location.

    Located at 683 N. 31E Bypass, Red Edge Realty Vormbrock-Novak Real Estate Center prides itself in being a one-stop shop.

    “We help buyers and sellers, we have Commonwealth Bank Mortgage for financing, all in the same building,” team member Nicki Bradshaw-Vormbrock said. 

  • Paroquet Springs hoping to expand

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -— In the past 20 years, Bullitt County has grown in about every area possible, including its conventions. However, the space to hold the majority of the events has stayed basically the same.

    Other than some renovations to the large Salt River Room and the addition of the front garden four years ago, Paroquet Springs Conference Centre hasn’t seen many modifications.

    That could change in 2020.

  • Short-term, long-term projects to ease traffic congestion

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Trying to figure out a way to relieve traffic congestion along Adam Shepherd Parkway and Highway 44, a committee continues to look at short-term and long-term solutions.

    Part of those solutions include re-routing one road and changing the traffic pattern on another.

    The Shepherdsville traffic committee recently met.

    The short-term solution will involve Keystone Crossroads, according to city engineer Arthur Jones.

  • City offers tax incentives to create 59 jobs

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Local officials agreed to incentives which will create at least 59 new jobs for Kentuckians.

    The Shepherdsville City Council approved two incentives for Bluegrass Supply Chain and Tower Automotive.

    In both situations, the council approved 1 percent occupational tax credits. The companies are also approved for state tax credits.

    Under the program, the employees at both operations continue to pay the city’s 1.5 percent occupational tax.

  • Residents ask Shepherdsville to re-examine annexation ordinance along Highway 61, Highway 245

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Having won a previous annexation case, residents living in the Chapeze Lane area are looking to investigate another action to add property to the city limits of Shepherdsville.

    Frank Cramer, a member of the Southeast Bullitt Concerned Citizens group, spoke with council members at a recent meeting.

    Back in 2011, the city annexed property along Highway 61 and Highway 245.

    Cramer said that there was no documentation seeking input from the state Department of Transportation about the annexation.

  • Hebron Estates has drainage fix; cancels meeting

     HEBRON ESTATES - Springtime in Hebron Estates means a little bit of spring cleaning odds and ends for the city commission.

    Mayor Jerry Clark mentioned that North Bullitt Dental was having drainage issues involving a Hebron Estates resident with a sump pump.

    According to Clark, the pump was placed legally, but the discharge was affecting the business’ property.

    The commission unanimously approved a drainage fix by RLH Reynolds to remedy the situation, at a cost of $5,938.

  • Lebanon Junction to review its curfew for first time since ‘95

     LEBANON JUNCTION— Nothing good happens after dark, unless it’s authorized by the city.

    The Lebanon Junction City Council hasn’t touched the city’s curfew ordinance since 1995. In April, the council plans on revisiting the ordinance and bringing it up to date with 2018.

    “It’s not much to change other than some times,” mayor Larry Dangerfield said. “Crime has changed a little. Demeanor of the children has changed a little. Demeanor of the adults has changed a lot.”

  • Split Council: Town board divided, share feelings

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- It wasn’t a beautiful conversation.

    And, as the council members continued to talk, the scenery got even uglier on Monday night.

    The question at the end of the Shepherdsville City Council meeting remained quite simple, will the six members continue to be divided?

    Councilmember Donna Burke began the fireworks when she mentioned the desire to disband the beautification committee.

    Currently, councilmember Lisa Carter is the chairperson of that committee.

  • Yes, court to discuss medical pot one more time

     SHEPHERDSVILLE  -- In the sports arena, it is often said that the last team with the ball wins the game.

    In the arena of government, it might be said that the last one to give a presentation is the winner.

    While the outcome can never be predicted, Bullitt Fiscal Court members will apparently have a third bite of the apple concerning the support of medical marijuana.

    First, the county heard a presentation from proponents to proposed legislation supporting medical marijuana before the Kentucky General Assembly.