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  • Families try to turn tragedy into awareness for others

     Missy Gousha, a Mount Washington resident and business owner, said her son, Michael, was a jokester.

    “He was very fun loving,” she said.

    Donna Neblett, another Mount Washington resident, said her daughter, Rachael, wanted to be a brain surgeon so she could uncover the cause of Alzheimer’s, a disease that affected her grandfather.

    Donna and Missy, while not related, are a part of the same story. They are parents who have lost children to death by suicide.

    It’s a story that’s surprising, but not uncommon.

  • Farm Bureau to host its Outstanding youth contest

          We will be holding the Outstanding Farm Bureau Youth Contest on Sept. 21.  Contestants must be 15 years old, but not have reached 19 years old by Jan. 1, 2014.

  • County to consider making adults pay price

     SHEPHERDSVILLE – A committee of leaders throughout the county are on a mission.

         The mission is to gather information needed for Bullitt County’s certification of a Work-Ready Community.

         A work group co-chaired by school superintendent Keith Davis and county judge Melanie Roberts is nearing the first stage – the application process.

         The next goal is to be declared a Work Ready Community In Progress with hopes of garnering statewide certification.

  • Ways exist to ask for forgiveness on student loans

     The federal government may forgive all or part of your student loans if you meet certain requirements. The forgiveness options for federal student loans, according to the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA), include:

  • Fiscal Court supports bid to earn playground grant

     PIONEER VILLAGE – A grant to provide new playground equipment at the county park in northern Bullitt County could be in the horizon.

         Bullitt Fiscal Court agreed to apply for a KaBOOM grant which would provide $35,000 for equipment and the county would match that with $8,500.

         The vote on Tuesday came with a recommendation from the Bullitt County Parks Committee to move forward with the application.

  • Perfect path to honor military hero in LJ

     Highway 61 was renamed Friday to commeorate a fallen Soldier whose legacy lives on in Lebanon Junction.

  • County keeps tax rate same for next year

      SHEPHERDSVILLE – When you open the meeting with the announcement that there was a $4.4 million carryover from the previous fiscal year, it makes the decision to not raise the real property tax rate a little easier.

         While the county will actually lose money on its tax collection with keeping the rate at 9.6 cents per $100 of assessed property, the carryover probably eased any concerns of Bullitt Fiscal Court members.

         The court voted unanimously to keep the real property tax rate at 9.6 cents.

  • Jailer, fiscal court still at odds

     SHEPHERDSVILLE—The battle between Bullitt Fiscal Court and the Bullitt County jailer continues.

         After failing to answer questions presented first through an open records request and then as a general order from fiscal court, Jailer Martha Knox will be asked to appear at the Sept. 3 meeting.

         At that fiscal court meeting, Knox will be asked to provide answers to the questions asked originally last month, as well as an explanation as to why she didn’t answer during the first two requests.

  • ROADSHOW for the week beginning Sept. 2, 2013

     No interstate lane closures are scheduled for the Labor Day holiday weekend

    Inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances may occur, so the information below is strictly of an advisory 

    nature and is subject to change with no notice. 

    Pothole patching, sweeping, drain & ditch cleaning, pavement marking, and maintenance crews may 

    work on major interstates in the Louisville Metro area only during non-peak daytime hours and at night.  

  • Faces of suicide victims hard to recognize

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - There’s not a substantial way to pinpoint a potential suicide victim.