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  • Brooks Run stream walk set for Saturday

    HILLVIEW - Once again this year, the five northern Bullitt County municipalities and various groups in the community will help to clean up the area.

    The Brooks Run Stream Walk will be held on Saturday, Oct. 17, beginning at 8 a.m.

    Volunteers are invited to meet at the old Winn Dixie parking lot in Tanyard Springs.

    They will be assigned areas, including those along Brooks Run, to clean up.

    The community cleanup will conclude at Noon with lunch to be provided for participants.

  • No injuries in school bus accident

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - No students were injured when a car made contact with a bus on N. Buckman Street.

    According to Shepherdsville Police Ofc. George Jetter, Bullitt County Public Schools bus 0412 was headed southbound on N. Buckman. A white Ford Mercury was turning left off of Adam Shepherd Parkway.

    The Mercury made contact near the rear left tire of the bus. The car received damage to it's front right bumper and right side rearview mirror. The accident occurred about 2:30 p.m.

  • Public invited to help honored teacher with medical expenses

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Every day of teaching school can be a struggle for every teacher, even the ones who truly love their job.

    For Christa Altman, teaching with cystic fibrosis was its own challenge.

    The former St. Aloysius instructor will be the guest of honor at an event hosted by her former school in hopes of raising much-needed funding for a future lung transplant.

    According to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the chronic disease primarily affects the lungs and digestive system, causing infections and disrupting food absorption.

  • Colorfest activities set for Bernheim this weekend

    CLERMONT ee" A jubilant pack of scarecrows, great local music, hayrides, pumpkin painting and other fall fun will all be a part of Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest’s ColorFest 2009.

    The annual family festival is scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday. It is the forest’s largest yearly event and attracts thousands from Bullitt, Nelson, Spencer, Hardin and Jefferson Counties.

    A new festival highlight that will appeal to the local crowd is the Bullitt County Art Council’s Bullitt County Vocalist of the Year Finalist Contest.

  • Committee to study liquor sales in Hillview

    HILLVIEW - A committee has been formed to study whether alcohol sales on Sunday are a good thing or a bad thing.

    Hillview mayor Jim Eadens said that councilmember Kim Whitlock would chair the group studying the request made recently by Thomas Philpot of Papa Borromeo’s Pizza.

    During the September meeting, Philpot said it wouldn’t only help his business but others in the area.

    Plus, there were several national chain restaurants looking at a 20,000 square foot space in the Brooks Plaza located on Brooks Hill Road at Interstate 65.

  • Drug court success in just first year of work

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Simply throwing a person with an addiction problem into jail may not always be the best alternative.

    Bullitt Circuit Judge Rodney Burress believes that for some, spending time out of confinement and in the drug court program may be the best way to rehabilitate offenders.

    And when the average annual cost of confining an inmate has soared over $17,000, the drug court program costs less than a quarter of that amount.

    Burress presented Shepherdsville City Council members with a glimpse of how the year-long program in Bullitt County has been working.

  • AARP seniors hear about latest health reform

    MOUNT WASHINGTON ee" Senior citizens and retired persons often feel like they are the most underserved populations when it comes to health care, so the local Mount Washington AARP chapter is working with its members to try and educate them about President Barack Obama’s proposed health care reform and how it could benefit them.

    The chapter recently invited AARP Kentucky’s Tihisha Rawlins to address some questions and concerns that local members have about proposed health care reform.

  • Brooks man, 74, charged with sex crimes

    BROOKS - The victim remembers spending the night of her eighth birthday with her uncle, Gerald Owens.

    The memory of that night is as terrifying as it was so many years ago.

    Sleeping on the couch, Owens approached her, putting his hands were they were not supposed to go.

    She never told police. A few relatives knew. They probably hoped Owens would grow out of that behavior.

    However, when Owens was recently charged with two counts of sexual abuse of two minor males, the victim knew it was time to come forward.

  • Efforts result in better test marks

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt County school officials are by no means satisfied with the recent test marks being handed down this week.

    But they are pleased with the progress being made in both the federal No Child Left Behind act and the state testing formerly known as CATS.

    "We're not at the top yet but we're making a tremendous gain," said superintendent Keith Davis. "The data takes away excuses. It shows that the expectations can be met."

    No Child Left Behind

  • POLICE ALERT: Fraudulent emails

    There is a fraudulent email that is circulating stating it is from the FBI. It looks legitimate, and it uses the names of FBI officials. It is stating that you have won money and must respond with personal information and a $575.00 fee in order to receive your winnings.