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  • New sheriff looks to begin quest toward accreditation

     SHEPHERDSVILLE  — Walter Sholar wants to get better pay for his employees. 

    The new sheriff also wants to make sure his agency gets accredited.

    And he would like to increase the number of deputies who are out on the street patrolling.

    But, only a month into his new position as sheriff, Sholar knows that he can only tackle one issue at a time.

    So far, Sholar is pleased with the progress and he is pleased with his staff.

  • Greenbriar to receive repairs

     MOUNT WASHINGTON  — An intersection where it is common for cars making a turn to wind up in the ditch will soon be improved.

    That is, as long it is OK by the state Department of Transportation.

    Bullitt Fiscal Court approved its road department the task of widening the Fisher Lane and Greenbriar Road intersection.

    Since the state right-of-way is involved, permission must be secured, according to road department foreman Robert Watkins.

    Magistrate Shaun Logsdon said the deep dropoff of the road is a common complaint he hears.

  • MW looks for grant to provide fitness tips at park

     MOUNT WASHINGTON — It’s not an infomercial: in just seven minutes, visitors of the Mount Washington Community Park will have access to a free full-body workout come this spring.

    The first in the state, Mount Washington was awarded a $30,000 grant to build an outdoor bodyweight circuit training system through the Fitness Campaign.

  • Students present seniors with Valentine’s dinner

     MOUNT WASHINGTON — Valentine’s Day is about showing those you love just how much you love them. At Saint Francis Xavier church in Mount Washington, it’s a day that allows the younger generation to show its love for the older ones of the church.

    For over 20 years, the middle school classes have worked to bring a homemade meal to the seniors of the church at Thanksgiving.

    After the need arose to split the students due to size about 10 years ago, the eighth grader’s Valentine’s supper began.

  • Valentine Gala 2019

     It was a record crowd at the 2019 Valentine Gala.

    This year’s event, featuring music by Whiskey Tango, was the first time that the Bullitt County Foundation for Excellence in Public Education was the benefactor. 

    See more pictures from the Valentine Gala here.

  • BBB study shows romance scams can lead to fraud

     LOUISVILLE – With Valentine’s Day comes a surge of activity on dating websites, with singles looking to the internet for a love connection.

    Unfortunately, these sites are rife with fraudsters who use affection to manipulate their victims out of their money.

    Worse, a new Better Business Bureau (BBB) report finds, online romance scams often escalate as scammers turn their victims into unwitting accomplices to fraud, known as “money mules.”

  • Feds charge two in connection to overdose

     LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Two defendants have been charged by a federal grand jury for possession of heroin that caused the death of a Shepherdsville victim, announced United States Attorney Russell M. Coleman.

    Aaron Shelton, 27, and Tajuan M. McDowell, a.k.a. Tawain McDowell, 18, have been charged in the indictment with possession of heroin with intent to distribute. Shelton faces an additional charge of conspiracy to distribute heroin – causing death.

  • Structural issues on some of school facilities

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — There are millions of dollars of improvements needed on  facilities in the Bullitt County Public School System.

    Surprisingly, some of those improvements are needed on facilities which are less than nine years old.

    The members of the local planning committee now has some information on the deficiencies of the district. The task now is to get the cost estimates and arrive at a priority list for future repairs.

  • Bell selected new principal at Zoneton Middle

     Cyndi Bell has seen firsthand the impact that a principal can have within a building.

    “I have always desired to be a positive and influential force for the benefit of students,” she said. “At this point in my career, I feel I am ready for the next challenge and look forward to leading Zoneton to amazing new heights.”

    Thus, Bell departs her role as Bullitt East High School Assistant Principal Jan. 31, 2019 to lead Zoneton following the Feb. 1 retirement of Ann Ford.

  • MW embarks on downtown plan

     MOUNT WASHINGTON — One year has gone and the second has begun with the city of Mount Washington’s five-year plan.

    Community Planning and Development Director Lori Puchino brought along engineer Robert Martin to speak to the mayor and the city council about the plans for the upcoming multi-use pathway development in downtown Mount Washington.

    Previously planning a 12-foot pathway and a 6-foot sidewalk, Puchino said the city plans to save money by shrinking to a 10-foot multi-use pathway on one side and a 5-foot sidewalk on the other side.