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  • Committee tries to save sewer plans

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - In its current state, the planned sewer plant expansion and sewer line extension isn’t passing the smell test for Shepherdsville city officials.

    But instead of throwing the planned $18 million project out with the trash, a committee will hope to salvage the project.

    Meeting in executive session for the past couple of months, Shepherdsville officials addressed rumors that the planned expansion of its sewer plant and extension of a line to southern Bullitt County was dead.

  • Let the games begin for 2010 political races

    In its wisdom in the 1990s, the state legislature decided that the voters of Kentucky needed a year off every once in a while from the election process.

    The legislators wisely decided to make every fourth year an “election free” one.

    Of course, the real lovers of the system know that politics never end. And the off year, which falls before the “big” local elections is hardly one void of political maneuvering.

  • Trying to get 2009 to good start

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - The world wasn’t exactly expecting to get off to a good start in 2009.

    Knowing this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

    It could just be me, but a good number of people seem to have bad attitudes and nasty dispositions lately.

    It’s common for many people to feel the holiday blahs come the first of the year. After all the festivities end there’s suddenly nothing to do but return to work and school. Nothing to anticipate except maybe a few football games.

  • Time is now to study the direction of planning for the future

    The family that operates under the umbrella of Bullitt County government recently lost a very valuable member.

    Evelyn Fackler, a long-time employee with the Bullitt County Planning and Zoning office, passed away after an illness.

    Starting in a small two-person office in what is now one of the history museum rooms, Fackler grew with the county.

    From an administrative assistant, she was first promoted to assistant director and then took over as the planning administrator when Larry Belcher went back full-time to the General Assembly.

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  • BC's football turnaround was a season to remember

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - If football becomes a consistently successful program at Bullitt Central over the next few decades, then historians can point to the 2008 season as the turning point from years of losing records.

    For the first time since 1990, the Cougars produced a winning record, going 8-3 against a top-flight schedule. More importantly, coach Danny Leasor’s team was competitive night in and night out even against the best teams that they faced.

  • Walls, Bennett heading BC's wrestling fortunes

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - With three weeks remaining until the regional tournament, the Bullitt Central wrestling program is putting the final pieces in place for a big finish.

    While there are still some question marks in coach Josh Durham’s program, there is no doubt that seniors Jeremiah Walls and Akeem Bennett are the top wrestlers with the best chance for post-season success.

    Still, that was the expected news when the season began after Walls finished third at 160-pounds last year at the Kentucky State Wrestling Championships while Bennett was sixth at 140-pounds.

  • Eagles won and had more fun doing it in 2008

    HEBRON ESTATES - The final record was the same as a year ago and the North Bullitt Eagles had the same results in the post-season, but there was one big difference between 2007 and 2008 for veteran head coach Brett Newton.

    This past season, it was an enjoyable campaign for Newton.

    “It was much more enjoyable,” Newton said last week at the school. “For the most part the kids got along better. We didn’t have as much class-consciousness. Most of the starting positions were seniors because of our small junior class.”

  • Local teachers give coaches excellent marks

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - In only its second year, the placement of curriculum coaches seems to have been a positive one in Bullitt County Public Schools.

    But instead of taking perceptions as the gospel, teachers were given the opportunity to take a short survey on the effectiveness of the 16 coaches currently working in the school district.

    Of those who took the survey, 423 teachers had utilized the curriculum coach at their school and their responses were favorable on every question asked.