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  • Ordinances put on table dealing with signs, code issues, fencing

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — How do you deal with unsightly tall grass, hundreds of signs placed on utility poles and along roadsides and dumpsters which are overflowing?

    If you are a member of city government, you pass an ordinance.

    But, for members of the Shepherdsville City Council, things aren’t that simple.

    Besides the affect regulations may have against residents and business owners, city leaders must also figure out how the ordinances, which would replace existing laws, would be enforced.

  • Summer brings ‘visitors’ to private quarry property, worries to Fox Chase

    FOX CHASE - When the hot summer months arrive, and the schools close their doors, things really heat up for city officials.

    In the city of Fox Chase, young folks looking for something to pass their time tend to gravitate toward a nearby quarry.

    The main problem is that the quarry is on private property and no one is allowed in without proper permission.

    Despite the warning, many bored youngsters still head inside, despite the dangers to themselves.

  • Bullitt County agencies share in state’s pride for economic growth

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- The state of Kentucky has recently been honored for its economic development for the past year.

    And, Bullitt County is sharing in some of that glory.

    Area Development Magazine awarded Kentucky with its Gold Shovel award to Kentucky for the commitment of economic development growth for states with 3-5 million people.

    According to John Snider, executive director of the Bullitt County Economic Development Authority, the honor for Kentucky is very prestigious.

  • Three Girl Scouts receive Bronze Award due to efforts

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - A local Girl Scout troop recently took time to honor its bronze stars.

    Troop 1827, based out of Shepherdsville Elementary, recently recognized three of its members with the Bronze Award, the first of the three most prominent awards distributed by the Girl Scouts of America.

    Anna Schneider, who leads the troop along with Michelle Clark, said Bronze Award projects must be approved by troop leaders. The other highest awards (Silver and Gold) are approved by the Girl Scouts of America governing board.


     The National Weather Service has canceled a tornado warning for south and central Bullitt County that was in effect through 4:30 p.m.

    A tornado watch remains in effect through 9 p.m. A watch means that the atmosphere is prime for storms that could produce a tornado.

    Weather spotters are encouraged to contact NWS with reports of cloud rotation, wind speeds, win damages and hail sizes.

    In the event of severe weather, you should have a portable radio or weather radio available.

  • Don’t be chicken to let your views be known

     For a couple months, residents in Mount Washington have been asking for a change to an existing ordinance that prohibits livestock within city limits, including chickens.

    Led largely by a resident who admitted to the council he has several chickens on his own land within the city, these residents have given fact after fact over why the council should permit chickens.

  • Key Largo close enough to make point of destination

     We have been hearing a lot lately about the devastating wildfires that hit the Smokies in 2016 and how the tourist communities in the mountains have bounced back. “Smokies Strong” as the locals like to say. 

  • Election probably proves that people turned off by politics

      I love politics.

    I don’t love the nastiness that often appears during the election cycle.

    But the pure science or non-science of trying to predict races and then analyzing them is something I’ve always enjoyed.

    But it’s two months past the primary and four months until the general election and I didn’t write the first analysis of what happened in May.

    First, I think as journalist we have gotten into the practice of trying to be experts and to offer advise.

  • Traffic Jams

     Besides taxes, what is the most aggravating part of many peoples’ lives?

    Traffic congestion.

    As Bullitt County has grown and the number of people driving vehicles has mushroomed, the roads are just not adequate to handle the flow.

    This community is not the only one facing these issues. However, if you spend time trying to navigate from one area to another, you know it is bad.

    The simple Friday afternoon traffic delays on Highway 44 in Mount Washington and in Shepherdsville are now a daily occurrence.

  • Blue Lick U-10 All-Star squad

     LOUISVILLE -- It was a tough start to the All-Star season for the 10-year-old team from Blue Lick.

    Facing Germantown on Thursday evening, Blue Lick failed to collect a hit in a 14-0 loss in four innings.

    Bryan Boulden threw the first three innings of no-hit ball.

    The visitors jumped on top 4-0 in the first inning. Germantown followed that with another eight runs in the second.

    Played at Prairie Village in Louisville, Blue Lick went into the loser’s bracket on Friday and lost against Okolona.