Today's News

  • Buzz of Bees all around BC libraries

     Bullitt County Public Library and Bee Is for Bullitt County are channeling spring early this year with a family-friendly activity fair all about Kentucky’s native plants and pollinators. 

    The Bee Is for Bullitt County Activity Fair will take place on Saturday, Feb. 16 at Ridgway Memorial Library in Shepherdsville from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

  • Male eagle has found mate; Bernheim tracking pair

     CLERMONT -- Bernheim officials announced that they are now tracking a second eastern golden eagle, a female and companion of the male raptor they have been tracking for four years. The project is believed to be the first pair of golden eagles tracked together in the eastern United States. Bernheim officials cited the large forest block habitat that Bernheim provides as critical to the preservation of this magnificent species.

  • Tower issue could delay work

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — The multi-million dollar communications system upgrade in Bullitt County could hinge on a radio tower.

    Bullitt County officials are in the middle of an upgrade to its Central Dispatch system and that includes work on new radio towers.

    The hope was to have the system, which would include the relocation of Central Dispatch, in place by mid-2019.

    However, without the ability to add to a tower leased by the county, the project could be delayed indefinitely.

  • Committee to evaluate future plan for school facilities

      SHEPHERDSVILLE -- With school district construction needs stretching in the millions of dollars, members of the local planning committee have a daunting task.

    Recommendations made by this committee could shape the Bullitt County Public School District for many years to come.

    But, at the end of the day, facilitator Don Martin said the most important task of the assembled group will be to eliminate any physical barriers which disrupt the learning opportunities for the 13,000 students in Bullitt County.

  • Getting some real live life experience

     HEBRON ESTATES - When it comes down to the difficulty of pursuing a career path while maintaining an education, some North Bullitt High School students had an opportunity to stop the bleeding… both figuratively and literally.

    Allied Health program students participated in an educational program, Stop the Bleeding, presented by representatives of University of Louisville Hospital.

  • Mayor breaks ties, favors annexation requests

     SHEPHERDSVILLE  — Owners of three tracts of property would like to become part of the Shepherdsville corporate limits.

    And the mayor of Shepherdsville believes it would be best if the city had some controls over how the 400 acres develop in the future.

    On Monday, mayor Curtis Hockenbury broke the tie in favor of two large annexation requests — a move that angered a majority of those who packed the government center.

  • Unified plan sought for new I-65 interchange

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — The shaping of an interchange is an opportunity seldom seen.

    Having the ability to have a master plan for four corners of a new interstate interchange is a rare one.

    In Bullitt County, for the second time in the past 30 years, that opportunity has arisen.

    Years ago, a single plan for the Brooks Road interchange was discussed. The plan was presented for a vision of the future during rezoning requests on the Williams property in Hillview.

  • Lebanon Junction changes insurance policy for new hires

     LEBANON JUNCTION— If it isn’t a bargaining point, why pay extra for it?

    The turnover rate for police officers in Lebanon Junction is high and Mayor Larry Dangerfield believes there are a couple of factors related to one another that could contribute to the numbers.

    To start with, the pay rate is on the lower side compared to others in the area. To make up for that, Dangerfield said when he and Police Chief Terry Philips interview applicants, they lay out the benefits, including a paid family insurance plan.

  • Seniors warned of scammers trying to get your money

     A couple of weeks ago a customer of Citizens Union Bank received a phone call from someone who said they were a nephew (many times they say a Grandchild) who was in big trouble and needed money.  They asked the customer to “please don’t tell Mom and Dad”.

  • Pace begins to pick up in 2019 General Assembly

     The pace picked up during week three of the 2019 General Assembly, with legislation clearing committees and passing the full House. 

    As we left Frankfort on Friday, we are almost halfway through with this year’s session. 

    Wednesday, Feb. 20, is the last day that lawmakers can file new legislations, but already more than more than 800 bills and resolutions have been filed for consideration in both the House and Senate.